Close Your Eyes

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A tragic story of a not-knowing Josh Lowell, whose fate won't be forgotten.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



He woke up in a hospital after surviving a deadly plane crash. He doesn't remember how he got there, in fact, he can't even remember the crash.


He sat up in his bed, and instantly felt a sharp pain in his left arm. Broken, he thought. Must be broken.

He looked ahead and a white board stood before him. It read: Hello, Patient AD47Q! I know you have several questions, but before we can answer them, we must make sure you can move. It will be a few months until you will be sent home, for we do not know how long your injuries may stay. First: are your eyes okay? Blink three times for me please.

He blinked three times.

Excellent! Second: can you move your legs? Crouch down for me please.

He crouched down.

Great! Please wait for Dayna, your nurse, to feed you your medicine.

"What the heck?" he whsipered to himself. 

He began waiting for Dayna, but she never came. So he waited a bit longer.


And longer.

And longer until he couldn't wait anymore. He decided to explore his surroundings. "Well, if I'm going to be here for a few months, I might as well get used to...whatever this place is," he told himself. 

He got up off the bed and began wandering around the room, inspecting all the tools that he thought will be used on him as he heals.

He took a glance down at his leg. He had a knee brace on. He glanced at his arm. His arm was covered in ace bandages, and had a cast on. What the heck happened to me? 

He placed certain scenarios in his head as he inspected his room, such as: Maybe I fell down the stairs or Maybe I slipped and fell, but he knew those scenarios just didn't quite fit the pain that he was feeling.

He got tired of waiting for Dayna, so he opened the door, and peered out into the hall. Nobody was there. In a hospital, you'd think if you peered out into the hallway, you'd see multiple doctors, nurses, or even stretchers with people strapped down. But not here, not now. He didn't see anybody. Not a single soul.

"Where is everybody?" he asked himself. He looked to his left, expecting to see Dayna frantically running towards him because she knew she is late. But when he didn't see her, he looked to his right, expecting to see a doctor desperately trying to get to a patient's room for whatever the case may be. But he didn't see that either.

He finally exited the room, and shouted, "Hello? Is anybody here?" But there was no answer.

He closed the door behind him and walked into the hallway. He saw multiple doors on each side, so he thought there may be somebody in there. He tried the door on the left. 



He tried the door on the right.


Locked too.


He continued trying all the doors that he saw in the hallway, but they were all locked. What type of hospital is this?

He made a sharp right. As soon as he turned the corner, he heard an alarm go off, and saw a sign that said: "FACILITY UNSTABLE".

There were red lights flashing over and over, and he desperately tried to get rid of the screeching sound of an alarm. He ran as fast as he could, and finally got rid of the sound.

He found himself in on a plank, standing in front of a large amount of stairs that go down. "What the heck is going on today?" he shouted.

He heard a loud growling sound coming from downstairs. "Hello?" he called. "Anybody down there?"


No answer.

Either that's Dayna, or her stomach, he joked. He smiled a bit, but immediately stopped when the growling began growing louder. And closer.


Josh, calm down, he thought. It's all a dream. Close your eyes, count to ten, and it'll all be okay.

Josh thought that would work, but as soon as he closed his eyes, he saw a whole new world. It was dark, but he could slightly see footprints leading in front of him. What?

Josh thought that if he followed the footprints, they would lead him to an exit, but unfortunately for Josh, they didn't.

He began following the footprints, but he walked slow, one part of his mind expecting to bump into something (like a pole), and the other half of his mind was expecting to bump into a person (like Dayna, or maybe even the creature that was growling).

He kept following the steps, and then they suddenly...stopped. Josh opened his eyes and he found himself standing face-to-face with a wall, with a board right in front of his eyes. 

The board told him about the Husk that is in the hospital with him. Below the words, there was a picture of an average person, with an arrow above it that said: YOU. Next to it was a picture of the “Husk”, with an arrow above it that said: HUSK. WARNING: EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

“What the heck is a Husk?” Josh asked himself, more confused than ever.

A “Husk” is a tall creature with a big, bright smile. But the smile looks more terrifying than the Devil himself. The Husks follow a trail of your scent as you walk around, hopefully not running into a Husk itself. Husks make a large growling sound that sound like a person’s starving stomach, like Josh thought, but don’t be fooled. If it sounds like it’s close, run.

Husks normally aren’t harmful, they usually just chase you with their devilish smile until they get bored with you, and eventually move on. Doesn’t sound so bad, right?



Husks can have a complete different side. One part, petrifying, the other part, pure evil and insanity. If a Husk doesn’t chase you with their freakish smile, the other only explanation for that is: either they’re not interested in your scent, or they want to do something more evil to you.

If a Husk wants to do something a wee bit devilish to you, they’re most likely to scare you to death. 

In Josh’s case, they want to scare him to death.

A Husk only wants to scare you to death if your scent is a bit...tasty to them.

Yes, that’s right. Tasty.

I guess if you wear cologne, or perfume, and you’re stuck in Josh’s situation, then you better run for dear life and hope you escape this insane hospital, because if you get caught by a Husk who wants you, your chances of surviving are slim to none.

Believe me. Some patients tried to fight it off. And failed.

Anyway, that’s all the backstory you need about Husks. Right now, let’s focus on Josh, and his fifty-fifty chance of getting out of that hospital alive.

That’s a Husk?!” he shouted. “That’s the thing that’s been growling and scaring me to death? What the he--”

More growling.

“I should be more quiet,” he said softly.

No duh, Josh.


Surprisingly, Josh didn’t realize how close the Husk’s growling was. So close, that it sounded like it was right behind him.

And it was.

Josh turned around only to find himself staring down a seven-foot tall Husk towering over him like he was smaller than the Empire State Building itself.

Its devilish smile got wider and wider as the Husk realized it had finally found its dinner.

“Holy crap.”

The Husk winked at him, and then feasted.

And that’s the story of Josh Lowell who unfortunately got put into a hospital with a deadly Husk on the loose. Let’s hope you’re not the next one. ;) 















© Copyright 2019 Rosie J.. All rights reserved.

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