The Astronomer Gazes

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Fantasy. Visions.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



The Astronomer Gazes


He is an astronomer

He gazes at a star.

A star is a sticky ball

Of opium,

Black with comfortable odours.

The drift of the odours

Deadens the candles,

Quietens the sun.

The sun is an exotic season

In the night,

Is the final war of colour,

In a far away land

Inhabited by the wispy smell

Of his lover's hair at sunset,

Where wild stallions roam blind,

Their eyes burnt out by light.

The star's odour inhabits

Clothes, drawers, anterooms, closets, underwear, bibles,

Poisonous nights, cupboards, psychiatric wards,

Operating theatres.

The star's odour placates sexual organs,

Forcing them to relax,

It inhabits the lives of saints

Living on a spiral staircase.

The veins of stars

Are bruised in a stuffy room,

Filled with fairy dust,

Bare mattresses,

The flowers of autumn growing towards a watchtower,

The deadly nightshade that disturbed the hallway,

And now is seeping into the underground.

He smells other evil perfumes,

In the ennui of spring,

And hears the ocean's hiss,

And watches its thorny waves

Beneath the skies of stained glass,

Shattering above the city,

Above clandestine meetings in the burning foam.




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