Five Questions with MissMidnight

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An interview with : MissMidnight

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



  In the tangled maze of a swamp, there shook a Deadman, out of breath, catching a moment of reprieve, leaning against a water-locked tree. They were after him. He smelt the salty alligator air, tasted the tangy crocodile night, and ran further. The words in his head, rang and thumped, matched by the beating of his heart, as remembered through their conversation, trying to escape, running in the muddy waters.


Question 1: Who are some your favs:


1.Listenings / Watchings  

4.Favorite Fabrics, clothings
5.Tastings / flavors 
6. Super Powers  



 1. Music, well I listen to everything and anything really. For me, it's all about the mood and what's happening. Today I listen to nothing but depressing shit, tomorrow I'll listen to nothing but rock and roll and groove the house, lol.


2. Books, I used to be very selective, but over the years I've come to love all manner of books and this includes Mangas too!


3. Ylang-Ylang, Honeysuckle. Jasmine


4. Ahh, well, uhm, ahhh, something soft, I think.


5. Yummy, love me some Chips. Salt and Vinegar if you please.


6. Dunno if this could be considered a superpower, but I've always loved Harpies (Mythical Creature not the STD) hee hee, just saying, lol.


He couldn't find his way out. He had ran around this tree before, then headed back to the other, which he had first rested upon. They kept circling his escape. It started to feel like a dance; everytime the Deadman moved this way, They moved the other. And, he moving that way, They moved the other. Moonlight sonata of swamp lost movements, as he tried to find his way out, back to her.


Question 2: What is you favorite word?


Too many to pick just one. I change every day/week/month and I never stick to it anyway, hee hee.


Here are some of them:


Fuzz Balls,






What an adventure, he had found himself in. The Deadman, the one to defy splendid traditions, waited to re-write history, leading himself away as they pursued after. And, They? They were, the succubus, the incubus, the divinubus.

They haunted him awake, haunted him asleep, and haunted him, in moments between.



Question 3: So, when I write, whatever I happen to be writing about in that moment, it rarely feels like I am actually writing, more so talking alive the words that stream across my brain way too fast for me to transcribe them.

1. That ever happen to you ? lol

2. When you write, what is "like" for you?



1. Yes, I would get an idea and then my stupid fingers don't want to work as fast as I'm thinking, hee hee.


2. When I write I like to think 'out' each emotion, scene, and action that needs to follow. This helps me to create believable characters, makes the reader feel like everything that's happening, is actually happening. To me, a well-developed plot and character can make any story work. Even hide bad grammar and tenses, lol.


He had approached her, asking of her name. They watched, protecting her, unpleased.

Now, after, she had answered his questions, They came looking with a warranted policy, to avenge the feeling of his strange inquiries.



Question 4:

Where is your favorite place that you have written about?



Most of my stories are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. And do I really need to describe/explain why its one of my fav places? ;)



 And, now as They, finally catching up with him, the Deadman, as he stood knee deep and grounded, in the marshy deluge of his own inescapable moment, not sure what to say, or how to explain, spoke:

"The purpose of my agony is to renew my strengthened condition," he attempted to comfort, They.

They, knew everything would always remain the same, if it were not him, this Deadman, it would and will continue to be, the Nextibus


Question 5: Why do you enjoy writing ? ( what are some things you have learned, over time, that you would have liked to know, when you first started ? )



I enjoy writing because I get to make the impossible, possible. That and I get to travel to different worlds, meet new people, ride on flying whales, etc.

Learned, mmm, well, I believe I'm still learning, lol. Dunno really. I've learned so much over the years that it's difficult to pick just one thing. I firmly believe that I had to go through everything to be where I'm now, so all my past, present, and future tests/learnings brought me here and for that, I'm deeply grateful.




 "I am not the Nextibus ," he explains." I am just that which came before all this, that I, Here and Now."

"Ah, the Deadman,"theyconversed among themselves. " You wanted to get to know her better, then ask Us, one last question, and we will decide if you should make it out of here alive."


"Fine. What is her name?"


They, became confused, too busy looking at one another, trying to understand something that which They had no answer for.


Her name?




As I unescaped.


Nor could I replace,

 for one more day,

our temporary embrace.


catch up with me,

eternally hungering,

I chase myself,





Thank you MM.

We stand still, next to our words.

Shaken down, to the core.







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