Boundless Opportunities (A New Beginning)

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I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 9th poem set, Destiny Decided.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



The more, chances, you, decide to, take, the more, opportunities, you, eventually, gain.

The fewer, risks, you, choose to, make, the fewer, options, you, inevitably, obtain.

I've planted, many, seeds, to help, ease, fears, and doubts.

I can, only, hope, that, one day, some, of, them, may, sprout.

A new, beginning, with, opportunities, and possibilities, that, are boundless, and bountiful.

I, dream, of, a wondrous, paradise, for, this, world, without, a sickening, order, for, destruction, and death.

Knowledge, and, cleverness, are very, important, but, they are, not, as, necessary, as, understanding, and acceptance.

Showing, tenderness, without, pretending, is, one way, of, being, naturally, compassionate.

I, initially, had, the desire, to assemble, a precise, and loving, family, to blissfully, live, in, harmony.

But, my, destiny, and fate, also, led me, to create, a precious, future, for, every, existing, species.

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