Theory of Change

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sometimes what's given can't be returned, and you learn to be ok with that.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Theory of Change


Here’s a precondition: I am not in love with you


pre-dawn fires burn in their fields of jasmine and agrimony


Here’s a long term goal: I will be


when there is little to be done to hold back a sea

still we try, the sandbags of our bodies

holding back, damning the water


Here’s an intervention: your hands on mine and your teeth bared


this should mean happiness

Here’s a precondition: my eyes cannot see behind the tangents of your bodies.


octagonal, the points of the horizon blend until their shifts the sky

coalescing into the shapes of horses running

until the thrumming hoofbeats are left echoing in my heart


Here’s a breakdown: the possibility of love is improbable, but not impossible


dreaming of dragons doesn’t come with the side effect of spitting fire, however


Here’s a precondition: changing hearts cannot wait for shifting identities to find the right shape

i am not a dragon lost in smoke, nor a fire burning

the sky changes but the colors lose the shape of once-blue

whereas my skin is dripping and my eyes damn myself heartful


Here’s the crux:

my hands in your hair, hands, mouth

your lips on my knuckles, steaming

twelve limbs twisting and finding purchase in a too small bed


Here’s the reality:

bodies lying side by side by side

bodies touching but not entwining

bodies loving but not in love


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