Step sisters Reunite

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Josephine is reunited with her step-sister years after a situation caused friction between the two.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Amber Foster was in her bedroom researching song lyrics on the computer. Her step sister Josephine Hart walked in and sat down on the bed. “What are you doing?” asked Josephine. “I am researching songs from the sixties to see if we could incorporate a few into the performance at the class reunion,” said Amber. “What is wrong with the songs we sing at our other performances?” asked Josephine. “Joey, the room is going to be filled with old geezers and probably everyone of them is going to hate our music,” said Amber. Josephine put her hand over her mouth. “Joey, what is so funny,” asked Amber. “Nothing,” said Josephine. “Don’t lie to me Joey Hart, What is so funny?” asked Amber. “What you said” said Joey. Amber thought about the comment she made of calling people old geezers and put a smile on her face. She sat down beside Joey. “I need to start watching what I say because I am fixing to be a big sister,” said Amber putting a smile on her face. “You mean the middle child,” said Josephine putting a smile on her face. “Joey Hart, don’t ruin my moment,” said Amber picking up a pillow and hitting Josephine with it.


Josephine accidently bumped a picture of Amber’s mother sitting on the nightstand beside. “Oh-my-gosh, I am so sorry,” said Josephine starting to pick up the broken picture frame. “It’s ok, Joey,” said Amber helping Josephine pick up the broken pieces. “What is this?” asked Josephine finding a second picture. “I don’t know?” said Amber. Tears started rolling down Josephine’s face as she looked at picture. “Joey, what is wrong?” asked Amber. “Katarina, John Michael, Tyler,” said Josephine. “Who is that?” asked Amber. Josephine put the picture on the bed and walked out of the room without saying another word.


“Katarina, John Michael, Tyler Graves,” said Amber looking on the back of the picture. Amber thought for a moment and then remembered a previous conversation with Josephine’s mother Karen. “Oh-my-gosh, these must be Joey’s step brothers and sister,” said Amber.


Josephine was in her room brushing her brown hair getting ready for bed. “Joey, I was just coming to check on you,” said Amber walking in. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to go off and leave you with a mess to clean up,” said Josephine. “It’s ok,” said Amber. “No, it’s not. I made the mess and I should have cleaned it up,” said Josephine starting to get upset. “Joey, do you want to talk about it?” asked Amber. “After dad and mom divorced, dad started dating this gypsy looking woman that worked in the bar where he always went to get drunk. They decided to get married and of course it had to be at that stupid bar. I found out when the wedding was and I snuck out of the house. During the reception John Michel and Tyler spotted me and I tried to escape. Katarina caught me and took me home. Mom had just home from work and oh-my-gosh she was mad at me. I got a good butt whipping and grounded. I had to time to think the wrong things and the inner anger I felt took over,” said Josephine with tears starting to roll down her cheek. “Now that you have forgiven your dad and working on a father daughter relationship you are beginning to have regrets,” said Amber. Josephine shook her yes. “Oh, Joey,” said Amber hugging Josephine.


Amber walked into her bedroom. “Poor Joey,” thought Amber. Then she came up with an idea. “I know I will find Katarina, John Michael, and Tyler,” thought Amber. She started searching by going to My Friends, a social media website. “Here is Katarina,” said Amber to herself with excitement as she found her on the website. “According to her profile Katarina is in Piney Point and works at Wild Bill,” said Amber to herself as she read the profile. “John Michael is in Nantucket and Tyler is in Atlanta,” continued Amber as she continued to search on My Friends.


Amber picked up her cell phone and called Wild Bill. “Thank you for calling Wild Bill, this is Bill Mojansky,” said Bill Mojansky the owner of Wild Bill. “Yes, sir, I was in there the other night and I think my waitress made a small error and I would like to talk to her about it. Her name is Katarina Graves,” said Amber. “She is not here tonight but she will be working the bar tomorrow,” said Bill. “Thank you, sir,” said Amber. “If there is anything else I can help with you please don’t hesitate to come talk to me,” said Bill. “Yes sir,” said Amber with excitement.


Josephine was sitting at the table eating breakfast. “Joey, I was doing some web surfing last night and I came across this new restaurant called Wild Bill that I would love to try tonight,” said Amber. “Are you talking about Wild Bill over on 34th?” asked Josephine. “Yes,” said Amber. “That is not a new business. It has been there for almost five years,” said Josephine. “Really,” said Amber acting like she was surprised. “Yes, most people go there to eat, dance, and get drunk,” said Josephine. “Dance, oh, I love to dance,” said Amber with excitement. “Since when?” asked Joey. “Since when? Joey Hart, are you freaking kidding me? I have always loved dancing. Now that I am old enough, I can cut loose,” said Amber. “Ok, will go,” said Josephine. “Thanks, Joey, you are the greatest,” said Amber kissing her on the cheek.  Amber walked out of the kitchen into the living room. “I hope I can pull this off; because I don’t know how to dance,” said Amber to herself.


Josephine and Amber entered Wild Bill. The band had just started playing and a large number of patrons were on the dance floor. “This is so cool,” said Josephine as she started towards the dance floor. “It sure is,” said Amber nervously going on to the dance floor. Josephine noticed that Amber was having trouble dancing. “Something wrong?” asked Josephine. “Yeah, I wore the wrong shoes and they are hurting feet. I am going sit down for a few minutes,” said Amber.


Josephine walked up to the bar and sat down beside Amber. “Do you mind telling me what is going on?” asked Josephine. “Excuse me can I get a refill?” asked Amber ignoring Josephine’s question. Katarina Graves, the bartender walked up carrying a pitcher of tea. She refilled Amber’s glass and recognized Josephine sitting beside her. “Joey hart,” exclaimed Katarina. “Katarina, oh-my-gosh,” said Josephine. “Oh, it looks like you know each other. I am fixing to get back on the dance floor,” said Amber getting up and disappearing into the group that was on the dance floor. Katarina motioned for Bill Mojansky to come over. “What’s the problem?” asked Bill. “Can you watch the bar for me for a few minutes. I need to have a conversation with this patron,” said Katarina. “Do I need to call the police?” asked Bill. “No, I can take care of it,” said Katarina taking her apron off.


Josephine and Katarina walked outside. Josephine stood frozen with fear not knowing what to say or what kind of trouble she was in. “Joey, what happened that night to cause you to hate me?” asked Katarina. “The night you caught me and took me home, I got a good butt whipping that I deserved. Then the thought went through my mind that you would tell my dad and he would come over and abuse me and mom like he always did when he got drunk. Just the thought of you ratting on me plus all of the abuse that went on changed fear to anger. I let the inner anger and hatred  I felt consume me,” said Josephine with a sigh. “Joey, do you want to know why I took you home that night?” asked Katarina. “Why?” asked Josephine. “To protect you,” Katrina. “Protect me,” said Josephine with tears starting to roll down her cheek. “Yes Joey, to protect you. My mom was garbage just like your dad and I didn’t want you to be around it. The only thing I regret is not coming and talking to you,” said Katarina hugging Josephine.


“Thank you,” said Josephine to Amber as they were heading home from Wild Bill. “For what?” asked Amber. “For being an amazing step sister,” said Josephine with a smile on her face. “So what happened?” asked Amber. “We talked and put the past behind us,” said Josephine. “Awesome,” said Amber. “So?” asked Amber. “We exchanged telephone numbers and maybe start working on building a step-sister relationship,” said Josephine. “Awesome,” repeated Amber.


“You want to catch a late movie and then go to I-hop,” asked Josephine looking at her watch. “Isn’t it too late?” asked Amber. “It’s only nine o’clock and only old geezers go to bed at nine o’clock,” said Josephine putting a smile on her face. “Joey Hart, do not put me in the old geezer category. I will  keep you out all night long,” shouted Amber.

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