Black scerla

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The world left me, Mother died on a chair, father drunk himself to jail, and now sister and I are alone together in this world that has abandoned us. But I still have my friend, my secret, my Black
scerla wife

Before you read this story Please pull up Youtube and type in "Dark piano The empty doll", Read the story as soon as the music starts for better visual of the story, also there will be a lot of sexual content with in the story, I apologize to any who are not comfortable with the content feel free to skip it at will, but until then please enjoy the story.


Black scerla part 1:

The winds howl, the rain drops, the horsecarts drive on. Days in England were dark and desperate, for only the rich were living lives of luxury and comfort. While the poor were left for the rats to nip on what flesh was still holding to bone of beggers. LIfe was grey and black, with color of disease and hunger as paints. Our story begins with a young life or two simple and pure innocent childern. The shy and and sickly Sherie, and her brother that hard working and life sailing D. Sherie was born frail and weak, giving into disease rapidily than a mother searching for food for her new born babe, she spends most of her time in bed. But all hope is not lost for she is looked after by her dear and most loyal brother D. D was born not frail, but nor healthy, but rather born with life what was left by his mother, D is mostly the working of the family that he has left. Sherie and D lived alone in a cottage on the outskirts of england. Far from the beggers street and the rich homes. Mother died giving brith to Sherie, father was the towns drunk and was sentence to jail for life, guilty for killing a rich family dog. Sherie was bed resting at home, while D went and worked off as a delivery boy, servant for a restraunt, and as a painter. D love to paint, when his mother was here, she would paint wonderous worlds of flowers, cities, and of people. D picked up the life of a painter and started to paint to his heart content, using what ever he can earn for new paints and brushes. Sherie loved her brothers work, she watch him paint wonderous pictures of her and D, Pictures of knights and romance, dancing animals, and people. One day when the childern were sleeping, D dreamt of a strange girl, sitting in the dark depths of of his dream, she cried into the void of black and white, and could not stop. D felt sad for the girl and went to her side. The girl reacted slowly turning her head to look upon her visitior, D eyes widended with fear, the girls eyes were black as night, no eyes at all were to be seen. D fell down and landed on his bum, while she stood up and towered over the fallen D. D Consumed with fear could not move, but he looked closer and saw the girl was not that scary at all, but rather lovely and beautiful. The girl name was Pyua, she told the boy. the boy told her his name, and both smiled at each other. Pyua was inhumanly beautiful her white and black hair were, her blacck clothes, white shoes, and a white bow tie. Pyua knelt down towards the boy and spoke with a voice of an angel.

"You are alone, the world abandoned you, the guardians left you, and now you suffer from the agony of woes of being poor. I am the same, stuck in a world with no light but only what I can see, black, But then for the first time in my life, I saw white and it was you I saw. You are very pretty with that white light you have, I envy you. But maybe I can have the same light as you do now, Please let me be your wife, so that we may share the same fate as what we are born with. Take me as your partner in this wretched world that has abandoned us, and let me bear the fruits of our light and dark unto this world. Let me give the black in exchange that you give me the light of your fate, I shall grant you the most tremondous of all change in to which you can desire for your self. All that I ask is that you give me the light of your being, and I shall be your wife to the ends of yours and mine life"

D, confused on what to say could not do anything but think if what she meant and descibed to him. Desires that he can have, one desire has he only wanted, and the would be for his little sister to live and never agian be sick. D only thought that wish since the day mother and father left them to hardships of the world that is their grave. D only had to take her as his wife and he can have all of his desires fulfilled to the ends of his days. D spoke with a voice of confusion and question.

"But Why would you take me as your husband, my skin is shriveled and dirty, my teeth yellow and grey, my hair seasoned with dirty and sweat. I understand what you say, But I am left with the question of why you want me to be your light, when you already have light, your bow and shoes are proof of that. I appreciate the offer and I would feel bad saying nay, but I have to ask, of what you say is true can you fill the desire of healing my sister. She is neither strond nor is she healthy too live another week or year, she yearns for food and water, hot baths, bed of sheep fur and pillows of duck feathers, Please tell me this in no joke"

D Asked her this deep and concerning queston, Pyua had tears in her eyes, but not of sorrow but of happienss, she had her own light her bow and shoes. SO she answered back with a voice of hope and sincerity.

"My young and pretty light, you made me happy to hear that you see me in light already, I have awaited the day when someone would say that I have light, thank you so much. I neither care how you look or what you been through, with my black and your light I shall cleanse you of this figure that is you today, so that tommorrow you may be reborn into a figure that you should be. I will fill the desire for your sisters health and longjevity. Please take me as your bride and wife, let my black become yours, your light become mine, and I shall grant your desire."

D without a doubt felt her words become true, D agreed to becomes Pyua husband. Pyua smiled with white mouth and lips. By sealing the vows between them, Pyua undressed herself and so did D, D lay down and witness the pure white and black Pyua become full unto him, he looked with a stunning face of the pure and fully emersed pyua. Pyua looked with tears in her eyes, both sorrow and joy, upon the shriveiled body of D, arms with no fat  but of bone and flesh, rib cage visble to the naked eye, and scars and brusies of black and grey. Pyua knelt down and reassured the very nervous D, putting her hands on his left cheek and right, she brought him close with a warm and soft kiss, kneeling down more and more, until both let go of their sweet and tender connection, to be connected in another way. D felt the sensations of desire rise with in his gut, Pyua moaned with a sweet and cute young girls voice as the light penatrates her body. D looked upon the innocent and white body of pyua, who in return looked upon the black and dirty body of D, Pyua smiled with joy and began to shift up and down. D paralyze from the sensations sparks of desire coursing thorugh him,D could only watch as Pyua forces his arms to the ground with her whit hands, as she stares at him with a smile of white but with eyes of black voids. Beautiful D could only think. Suddenly D had to go and releive himself, embarressed by the moment he asked he could have a moment to himself, Pyua denied him and began to shift faster. D struggling to make her stop, squirming into holding back the desire that wants to be release, Pyua smiled and brought forth D face again for another tender kiss, soft and pure, ridged and chipped, warm and full of life, Cold and full of death. Pyua and D both looked up towards the ends of blackness, with views of astonish and releliving figures upon their faces. D final let the desire go, pyua felt the desire enter her and with a smile she moaned with a voice of a angel, D with a open mouth but no sound other than croaking sounds of desire. Pyua broke the silence.

"uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh......................My dearest husband of mine, when you wake up I will be there waiting for you to come a greet me in arms of warmth, love, and of light. When awake I will fill your desires and make them become reality. When you wake up please come and help me with words will need for the new life I no we will bring into this wretched world of ours, I shall bear the light that you have given me, we shall live with a new life as one, as whole, as a husband , wife and child. Please wake soon, for when you do your first desire will be fulfilled and I will be by your side not as a black figure in the dark anymore, but as your new found wife"

D Looked upon the whtie figure, and ripples of blurrs begun to swirl in D vision, D nodded and sat up once more to kiss the lovely Pyua before waking up. Pyua spoke once more with a voice of caution and of loud roar of like a demon speaking to him, D Backed down in fear and mercy.

"HOWEVER BE WARNED, SHOULD YOU BETRAY OUR LOVE AND COMMENTMENT THEN  I SHALL RAIN UPON YOU A WORLD THAT IS LIKE THIS WORLD AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT LIGHT WILL BE AGAIN BUT ONLY DARKNESS AND BLACK. SHOULD YOU BETRAY ME THAN WILL TAKE THE DESIRES I HAVE GRANTED AND REVERSE THEM TO BECOME YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, NVER BETRAY YOUR WIFE, ALL SHALL NOT BE FORGIVEN IF YOU DO SO, for I will only be what you love and only love of your life. You can care for others but now as deep as your wife love. You will be responsible upon these actions, you will care for me and give me light so that I may in returen give light and dark shape."

D Nodded with mercy and soon the ripples of blurrs took him in the shadow of when he fell a sleep.

D awoken, in the middle of the night, taking swift action and raced to his sisters bedside, to find her sound asleep, and to D astonishement healed and breathing with no illness, D could not beleive what he has witness. D raced back to his bedroom, pushing his cloth door open to see the site of a naked Pyua staring at the wall, soon she turn with the black eye voids and white pure figure, with a smile she did for towards D, As D notice she helt her hands upon her womb, a small visble black spot was there, D looked with confusion upon Pyua, Pyua smiled with a white smile of pure light.

"I think I will call this one Yoake, she will be our first light into a brand better world, dont you think so my dearest husband"

Pyua smiled with joy and happiness, slowly advancing towards D, D Did the same, both held hands and kissed once again, kneeling down upon the ragged hay bed and D made true love to Pyua that night, and though out that very night moans of Light and dark were heard in the night sky. Until the sunshone above england once agian, D, Sherie and pyua fate all changed that very morning.

Submitted: May 18, 2018

© Copyright 2021 dragoon77. All rights reserved.

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Please feel free to type anything of what you think about this story I will try and write more about this story. thanks for reading.

Fri, May 18th, 2018 6:00am

Momina Khan

I was reading this and I thought I was dreaming... What a wonderful story... Marvellous*********
Stay happy always.........

Fri, May 18th, 2018 12:11pm

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