Belief in Antipodes

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Early poem posted here for safekeeping.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018




(Was punishable by burning at the stake)


By Alexander Guinevere Kern

Copyright A. Kern 1985


How high the timber stacks itself upon itself,

thudding chunks of resonating denial.

Every chopped piece another lie I

expect myself to eat. Consume

or be consumed. There is no spherical

earth, says the Eye.


There are not beings whose very limbs

have wasted down to sticks. No fire

numbs in bellies bloated by starvation.

Rooted to flat earth, I cannot reach them.

The billowing smoke does not obscure,

their light-bulb skulls, their windowless eyes,

behind which the filament dims. Grows dimmer.


I swallow lies and grief, my useless food,

and minutely die small useless deaths,

each time the flame tears off their breath.

Only human tears can I offer: unbound fruit.

God in His cosmic cabal remains mute.

Those are not my tears, hissing as they fall,

to rise as steam to Heaven, says the Eye.


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