And I am successful

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On the way to success we left many things behind and when we reached there the whole purpose and motive got changed. a small story which makes u realize in the end the beginning changes...

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



I never expected this, that one day I have to choose between fate and love. This was sure that love wasn’t my fate and the fate was harder than anyone ever expected. It was a night of starts full in the sky and a night of moon cooling the earth. It was a night of love hidden dark inside my heart and sorrow ready to burst through my eyes. It was the annual day of my company and I supposed to be on stage to receive awards, but I was in a confusion some kind of dilemma, that might be a fight between brain and heart. That day didn’t know what happened why she was in my mind. I was on my couch when I heard the announcement, now I had to move towards the stage. I got up, everyone shouting my name, the entire crowd seems to be happy and a little curve came on my face and I started moving. Slowly everything faded away, the volume of the crowd was reducing and I was able to here my steps on the steps towards the stage with my heartbeats. Everything became still and I was in a different world.

That was a day when I left my home because I had to catch the train to Banglore, and that was a silent goodbye from my family in a early morning. When I left for Bangalore from Bhubaneswar I was with my friends and no one there to say my goodbye or wish me a good journey. Though it was a good journey with a mask of full entertainment and enjoyment. Reached Bangalore stay ina pg and the hunt started for a job. Because I was an engineer. 

I was in the middle stage claps applause and appreciation for the good things I did and a small trophy which was saying me “yes you have done a great job.” the speech from the director was really awesome but hard to relate but the host was nice and beautiful and her voice reminded me of someone and for a moment she came to mind and vanished. 

When I was a child my dad used to say, “make friends in your level”. I understood it very late. When you are a thousand miles away from home friends are the one who is your family and they were more than that. But time changes and I learned the lesson in a hard way. There was a girl,  we both used to go to the same institute and we developed a strong bond. She used to be a great friend fo mine. There was lot more happened which caused a broke up between us. It might be a misunderstanding but sad that it was planned by my friends, whom I thought more than family. That was really hard.

A firm handshake brought me back to the present which was actually better than that past. Shacking had the director of a company is really a proud moment and it channeled some kind of energy to my body, you can say it positivity. It was time for the speech for which I was not prepared. What to say, I thanked all and received the appreciation. The next request was really a pain. “please share something of your journey with the crowd.” “my journey, yaa it was really good with lots of love and support, I am here not because of me because of my team and colleagues, obviously my efforts played a small part in it. So this award is for all of you thanks.” I end. The speech was good but there was a whole different thing was going on my mind. While stepping down from the stage I could remind my journey. 4 years of a looser, 2 years of hope and 1 year of pain. 

I was in my seat receiving a greeting from nearby. Looser or winner is a temporary form of life. I was a winner for 5 minutes on the stage. After reaching here I was again the same. Those 4 years were really kind of experiment I performed on me, learned nothing but gained more patients to resist the upcoming storm. Those 4 years includes my journey from college to the company. And I was doing nothing. That was really a change, a boy changed to a man, a student changed to a citizen and a winner became a loser. Those new languages, skill sets, and friends were of no use. Changed several jobs try to keep up the pace with the world but I should have gone for peace which is really hard to find. After talking to people, managing customers, finding bugs, creating solutions I am here with an identity I never wanted. And I am a successful now.

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