Who is Tom?

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This is my 4th story

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



One day a boy called Anhush was coming back from his school, it was raining then Anhush saw a dog sitting in the grass. The dog was completely drenched in the rain he felt sad for it. So Anhush took the dog to his house. Anhush asked his mother, “Can we keep this dog in our house?” Then his mother said “No. First learn to take care of it”. Anhush felt very bad for the dog so he got an idea. Anhush made a small house for that dog with some sticks. Then Anhush everyday use to meet the dog. One bad day the dog which Anhush took care was very sick.  No one was there to help it. Even Anhush was in school so the dog didn’t be able to control and died because of a dangerous fever. As Anhush came to meet the dog he saw that it was died. Anhush cried very badly and he didn’t go to school for few days. His mother felt very bad she was not able to see him like this, crying everyday. Then one day Anhush came back from school and saw that there was a small dog in his house which his mother had bought him. Anhush named the dog as Tom. THE END

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