A Man For All Seasons

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018




Mm, a man for all seasons

Different to idolize with such profound reasons

Is he a charismatic season who wears his heart on his sleeve

Cold one moment and then love you so softly as he please

You know, the flowers, chocolates, and then kneeling for you on his knees


A Spring type of man  

Firm gratification he gives you on demand

Hope for better days he promises you

Taking him at face value without any rules

Housing the flow of his manly just dues

April showers saturating all over his tower of power

The master of his carnal bloom

Relaxing you, seducing you, then he’s gone too soon


My type of man, naked and scorching as the Summer sun

Feed you, bed you, and then leads you to come

Bodies sweltering, sizzling undercover within basking heat

Parting your petals, the nectar he ravishes and then pollinating for a feast

Professing his adoration with his oral emotions

His rising sun, and soaring sexual devotions

You are his summer set

He keeps you sweating, and wet


No more pleasure than the man of this next season

Umm, the Fall guy, commitment to submit, is an act of treason

Ask too many questions, does not provide the whys

However, pleases you internally time after time after time

Rendering your mind

The emotional conqueror who brings the lukewarm heat

A blanket of frost he provides, warming intentions after you meet

Chilling demeanor, within his sincere hypnotic eyes

His stroke of luck and mouth, a dual pleasure to ride

Forgetting the frost as the warmth below abide


Most would say, including me, he’s an unorthodox seasonal treat

Handsome old man Winter has them all beat

Umm… keeping you undercover for months as you’re nightly simmering his meat

Gently rolling his snowballs in hand

A hard bodied erected man

Frozen all over, a complex lover

Mm satisfaction of a snow bunny lips, as they hover

Sips of wine, rapture by a cozy lit fire

Giving you permission to thaw emotions, of his weakening slip and slide desires

Blanketing you with his body to keep you warm

No greater love than a man’s emotionless comfort when he wickedly performs

Engulfing and then freezing the moment of your rainstorm

No one moves as the snow is falling

Heat transference from its calling

Icicle juices installing

Blizzard of his love is slowly melting and now withdrawing

Holding hands, waiting for the sun to finally breakthrough

Three more seasons one must endure to have a snow covered warm roof

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

I’m sure we women love them all






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