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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018




final season

Author Ana Gagani





. . . Leo’s car was stopped in front of the house. He was sitting in the car with the same clothes. His legs were put down on the car’s wheel and was sleeping calmly. It was about eleven o’clock when the Vstar’s car stopped opposite to Leo’s car, no one was getting out from the car about a few minutes, it was just stopped. Leo did not hear the car’s voice and was still sleeping, after a few minutes Vanda got out from the car, she looked very angry and aggressive, she came to Leo’s car and knocked at the window, Leo opened the eyes faster and the first what he saw was a black car, he breathed out displeased and got out from the car. Vanda got more angry when she felt smell of the alcohol from Leo. Leo was quietly, he was ignoring her, just entered the house and Vanda followed him too. Leo took off a costume and shoes, threw to the living room and entered the bathroom. After a few minutes the driver entered the house with two big suitcases, Vanda signed him to put down the suitcases in the corner, after it the driver brought a lot of products and put down in the kitchen. Vanda thanked him and the driver went out. Vanda put all products in the fridge and went out on the terrace. About half hour later Leo also went out on the terrace, he threw out the pillows from the hammok and lie down, they both were quiet and were looking at the sea horizon. Vanda still was very agitated and uneasily, time to time she was looking at Leo to say something but she did not know what say to him. After a few minutes Leo stood up and came close to the terrace’s railing sat down on it and said to Vanda.


Leo – I know we both have a lot of tellable to each other but not now. I’m begging you not to visit me anymore while I do not call you. Please don’t call me, don’t text me and don’t spy on me. The one thing what I want now is calmness and silence and one more thing, I’ll be very thankful if you look after Bony for a short time.


Vanda did not say anything she quietly went out from the house. Leo was sitting on the terrace’s railing for a long time, he was quietly, even his eyes were not moving, his internal condition was thus much complex and a heavy that he looked very horrendously.




. . . The sun had been already come down when Leo entered the house, he took the cognac from the cupboard with the little glass and sat down on the sofa. There were the big windows in front of the sofa, with a good view the calm sea. The sea was reflecting the moon’s light such beautifully that it looked like a mirror’s path on the sea. Leo was sitting on the sofa and was looking at it without any emotion. When he drank the whole bottle of cognac, he stood up to take a new bottle of the cognac, he was already very drunk, he staggeringly walked to the cupboard, took the new bottle of cognac and sat down under the cupboard. He was sitting on the cold floor, he was not crying, he did not have tears on the eyes, he even did not look annoyed, he just was sitting and drinking. There was already daybreak but he still was sitting on the floor, There were a few empty thrown cognacs bottles around him. Leo was trying to stand up but he was such a drunk that he could not catch himself, he was seeing everything dimly. After a few tries he finally stood up and went to the sea coast. While he was coming there, he fell down a few times but anyway he was laughing at himself. Leo got into the sea and just stopped inside and suddenly started crying, he was totally destroyed. He was beating the fist on his heart very strongly and was repeating his own name in a low vice. He was getting into the sea more and more deeply, he was talking very calmly, his tears were not stopping.


Leo – So empty and so cold. Very cold and very empty.


And he suddenly stopped talking, he felt faint and fell in the water.




. . . When Tasa was woken up by the heart’s beating voice, the sun had already risen. She frightenly jumped up and ran away on the balcony barefooted . She was confused looking all around, she could not guess from where was coming the heart’s beating voice. Tasa again ran in the house, dressed on the long black jacket, the black shoes and faster went out. When Tasa came closer to the sea coast, she stopped, closed the eyes and started listening to the heart’s beating voice. Tasa guessed soon that it was Leo’s heart’s beating, she faster ran to his house, after a few seconds she was already there, she stopped in front of the house, closed her eyes and listened to the heart’s beating again, then she opened the eyes and walked to the sea coast quickly. She saw that Leo had gone faint in the water, Tasa faster lead out he from the water and carefully lay down he on the sand, she took his head and put it down on her knees, then she touched his stomach and felt his frozen body. Tasa closed the eyes and from her hand’s palm got out the shining ray, which touched Leo’s whole body and warmed his body. When Tasa noticed that Leo was already well, she helped him to get up and they slowly walked to the house. She lay down Leo on the sofa and entered the bathroom, took the towel and when she came to Leo she suddenly stopped and surprisingly asked herself.


Tasa – Wait a minute! Why I’m doing this?


She strangely looked at him and continued.


Tasa – Is he my punishment?


She rudely threw the towel to sleeping Leo and went out. She was walking fast to her house, then she suddenly stopped and shouted angrily very loudly.


Tasa – What this human want from me? What ha?


She turned back to the Leo’s house and shouted again angrily, she tousled her hair, stamped one’s feet a few times and backed to Leo’s house. Tasa took the wet towel from the Leo’s stomach and cleaned his sandy face. Then she covered him with bedspread, sat down on the floor and leaned against to the sofa. She was looking at the sea and soon she felt asleep.

It was the evening when the horrible storm started. Leo was woken up by the shutters heavy knocking and when he saw the sleeping Tasa on the floor he shouted very loudly with fear but Tasa did not wake up. Leo was looking at her astonished a few seconds and then he slowly moved closer to her, touched her nostrils and whispered.


Leo – Is she alive?


He was looking at her strangely and was walking back and forth, he was talking to himself.


Leo – I remember that I was drinking alone, I am sure that I was alone, so why she’s here?

Leo stopped in the middle of the room and he suddenly remembered that Tasa helped him to come out from the water and he smiled, covered her with bedspread and closed all windows, then he turned on the electrical fireplace, which was in the living room’s corner and entered the kitchen, he took different aroma biscuits from the cupboard, put down on the bar’s table and prepared the jasmine tea especialy for her. Leo was sitting in the kitchen and was drinking a water with lemon, he was knocking on the table to wake up Tasa, but she was sleeping very deeply, Leo was getting angry that he could not wake her up so he came closer to Tasa, stopped in front of her, Leo was looking at her and he could not touch her, because she looked so unnaturally beautiful that he even could not move and after a few minutes Tasa woke up itself, when she opened the eyes and saw Leo’s smiling face she scared, her eyes become more big and she stopped breathing, Leo started laughing at her reaction, touched her shoulders, shook them and said her.


Leo – Breathe! if you don’t want to suffocate.


And he entered the kitchen, took his cup of lemon water and sat down, Tasa also came there, sat down opposite to him and started talking with him.


Tasa – I see you’re better now, I’m glad.


She wanted to ask something to him but suddenly it started rainy with the horrible thunderstorm, Tasa fast hugged him very strongly and started trembling. She was hugging Leo such strongly that he could not breath normally.

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