Lets Love Each Other

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



Lets pay a deaf ear to the monotonous society; sing and dance in the aisles of incomprehensible desire,

Lets clamber up the remote hills entirely sequestered from this world; taste the fruits of nature with untamed relish,

Lets swim uninhibitedly in the swirling oceans abreast the dolphins; shrugging off all norms of this mercenary planet,

Lets clear a path of our own through the dense forests; bid adieu forever to this pompously civilized society,

Lets roll in the slippery mud with rampant frenzy; bond our hearts for centuries unfathomable; oblivious from the beats of this spurious township,

Lets speak to our hearts content in the most thunderous of our rustic voices; not perturbed the slightest by the globe's sanctimoniously sophisticated sounds,

Lets gallivant like dreamy philanderers through the glamorous farm fields; leaving the vain adornment and bombastic décor of the city entirely to its own,

Lets stare at each other for hours immemorial; not floundering the tiniest by manipulative citizens collecting currency coins below,

Lets sob effusively in the realms of unsurpassable ecstasy; sharing our joy and wholesomely untouched by the orthodox bickering of this narrow minded society,

Lets perpetually entwine our fingers with each other; stand audaciously to confront the most mightiest challenge of dispersed humanity,

Lets kiss passionately till times greater than infinity; as the conventional world looked dumbfounded and abused us for violating their baseless string of hollow ethics,

Lets stay awake all night admiring the resplendent blanket of stars with our breaths descending compassionately on each other; and the society fast asleep adhering to its worthless set of norms,

Lets keep tirelessly laughing till our jaws ached; enjoying each moment of life bestowed upon us by Almighty lord; while the world outside frantically searched for more avenues of growth and greedy popularity,

Lets walk on our heads upside down relishing the cool air wildly slap past our naked chests; far apart from the society which thought boundless times; even before
walking on solid foot,

Lets tear apart food with our immaculate fingers; sip water from the springs with rejuvenated gusto; while the world outside wasted countless hours; lost in a myriad of shimmering forks and spoons,

Lets splash our bodies with garishly striped gypsy paint; while the society sighed in exasperation to find the pretentious cotton of their choice,

Lets suckle our thumbs like new born infants; nostalgically reminiscing memories of our innocent childhood; while the world whispered drearily trying to incessantly replicate Royal tunes,

Lets perch like the boisterous sparrows on escalating treetops; profoundly fantasize about the creation of this mesmerizing Universe; while the society glued itself to insurmountably boring politics on giant television,

Lets sleep by the river side with the waves gently lapping to our toes; while the world stuffed itself under an armory of sheep skin and obnoxiously bulky quilts,

Most importantly lets love each other; locked immortally in the boundaries of invincible romance; no matter what the extraneous world said or did; no matter how brutally we were whipped for not following rules of the society; no matter how pathetically the entire planet ended with man gobbling man on the pretext of religion and entity.

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