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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



When you were in the middle of the abominably rambunctious traffic; just utter the magically rejuvenating and ebulliently uninhibited word called; FREEDOM,

When you were viciously enveloped by atrocious laziness; just utter the majestically spell binding and vibrant word called; EXUBERANCE,

When you were abhorrently rotting in gutters of gruesome prejudice; just utter the resplendently charismatic and enchanting word called; MELODY,

When you were ominously strangulated by coffins of remorseful boredom; just utter the ebulliently rhapsodic and ecstatic word called; ENTHRALLMENT,

When you were murderously besieged by tornado's of frantic desperation; just utter the miraculously Omniscient and sacred word called; HEAVENS,

When you were fanatically enshrouded by waves of insane lunatism; just utter the Omnipotently celestial and unassailable word called; DIVINE,

When you were brutally victimized by belligerently ghastly dormitories of paralysis; just utter the ravishingly voluptuous and exhilarating word called; ADVENTURE,

When you were acrimoniously sweating for hours immemorial; indefatigably fatigued beyond sagacious limits of comprehension; just utter the marvelously reinvigorating and replenishing word called; SLEEP,

When you were satanically entrapped for centuries unprecedented in dungeons of despicably depraving blackness; just utter the aristocratically royal and flamboyant word called; SUNLIGHT,

When you were incessantly stumbling upon a treacherously incoherent path of bizarre ugliness; just utter the majestically ingratiating and exotic word
called; BEAUTY,

When you were pugnaciously perpetuated by sonorously worthless daggerheads of diabolical depression; just utter the emphatically seductive and blazing word
called; OPTIMISM,

When you were lecherously entrenched by the island of morbidly fretful loneliness; just utter the invincibly regale and holistic word called; HARMONY,

When you were malevolently assassinated by indiscriminately tyrannical whiplashes of spuriously racial discrimination; just utter the impregnably bountiful and  grandiloquent word called; UNITY,

When you were wholesomely devoured by gory maelstroms of unsparingly stinging sand; just utter the gloriously blissful and perennially torrential word called; RAIN,

When you were relentlessly dithering towards the corpse of worthlessly insipid extinction; just utter the insatiably twinkling and enamoring word called; EVOLUTION,

When you were uncouthly submerged in disdainfully penalizing beer bars of ungainly depression; just utter the ubiquitously eternal and stupendously gratifying word called; SMILE,

When you were incarcerated with acridly frigid avalanches of salaciously freezing indifference; just utter the wonderfully poignant and perpetually sequestering word called; COMPASSION,

When you were ferociously decimated every unfurling minute of the day by the coffin of disparagingly delinquent lies; just utter the scintillatingly righteous and irrefutably revered word called; TRUTH,

When you were coldbloodedly abdicating each beat of your devastatingly bereaved heart; just utter the immortally glittering and unconquerable word called; LOVE,

And when you were invidiously staggering for vitally quintessential breath; barbarically asphyxiating at even the most inconspicuous iota of air; just utter the most Omnipresently bestowing and immortal word called; life.

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