Life And Death

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



As much enchantingly resplendent was the fabric of; perennially blossoming life,
Insidiously penalizing and inexplicably frustrating; were the pathetically dwindling chapters of disastrously gory death.

As much blissfully proliferating was the garden of; vivaciously Omnipotent life,
Horrifically crucifying and despicably stagnating; were the coffin nails of
remorsefully fretting death.

As much irrefutably truthful was the wind of; exhilaratingly ebullient life,
Dolorously manipulative and abhorrently lecherous; were the flagrantly foul
gutters of ruthlessly asphyxiating death.

As much patriotically sparkling was the complexion of; vibrantly bountiful life,
Salaciously impeding and vehemently whipping; were the stinking graveyards of
indescribably orphaned death.

As much refreshingly appetizing was the gorge of; astoundingly mesmerizing life,
Lethally lambasting and forlornly decaying; were the satanic gallows of invidiously stifling death.

As much tantalizingly silken was the mist of; enchantingly triumphant life,
Cold-bloodedly massacring and vindictively venomous; were the lackluster corpses
of ghastily sullen death.

As much exotically enticing was the meadow of; vibrantly titillating life,
Gruesomely parasitic and tyrannically torturous; were the mortifying gutters
of despicably abominable death.

As much poignantly perpetual was the bond of; fascinatingly blissful life,
Lecherously lashing and diabolically pulverizing; were the cacophonic skeletons
of grotesquely savage death.

As much celestially placating was the reverie of; gorgeously marvellous life,
Blatantly corrupt and meaninglessly ungainly; were the hopeless dungeons
of disparagingly derogatory death.

As much ravishingly sensuous was the heaven of; scintillatingly Omniscient life,
Ghoulishly indiscriminate and traumatically hideous; were the nonchalant worms
of bizarrely rotten death.

As much innocuously sacred was the cradle of; bountifully proliferating life,
Ominously crippling and preposterously dastardly; were the lackadaisically disappearing shadows of obsoletely jinxed death.

As much timelessly compassionate was the path of; victoriously blazing life,
Licentiously withering and regretfully castigating; were the heinously endless curses
of drearily dolorous death.

As much regally ubiquitous was the essence of; Omnipresently magnetic life,
Baselessly stunted and horrifically wailing; were the pernicious maelstroms of sordidly demonic death.

As much flamboyantly glittering was the cistern of; vividly eclectic life,
Worthlessly lazing and sardonically stunted; were the prejudiced whiplashes
of criminally castrating death.

As much beautifully harmonious was the tonic of; Omnipotently bestowing life,
Hatefully hunchbacked and ambiguously stinging; were the hypocrite stones
of disdainfully ostracizing death.

As much holistically eternal was the rainbow of; everlastingly blissful life,
Truculently sucking and maliciously distorted; were the sinister tunes of mercilessly snapping death.

As much graciously charismatic was the wall of; unshakably patriotic life,
Insanely bereaved and uxoriously fiendish; were the prurient rides of idiosyncratically feckless death.

As much marvellously bequeathing was the cloudburst of; unconquerably untamed life,
Irately impudent and obnoxiously sultry; were the rebuking waves of agonizingly suffocating death.

As much wonderfully fragrant was the jacket of; unassailably glorious life,
Inconspicuously snobbish and punitively parsimonious; were the bellicose voices
of vengefully woeful death.

As much supremely humanitarian was the armor of; perpetually affable life,
Shiveringly morbid and abusively mercurial; were the ungainly tunes of devastatingly disintegrating death.

As much unsurpassably enthralling was the fortress of; unflinchingly intrepid life,
Ludicrously cowardly and treacherously hollow; were the ignominious potholes of pugnaciously threadbare death.

As much invaluably Godly was the whistle of; never-endingly augmenting life,
Haplessly destitute and unfathomably maimed; were the evil arms of relentlessly weeping death.
And as much fervently passionately was the beat of; immortally resplendent life,
Brutally snatching and weirdly disfigured; were the barbarically blood-coated alphabets of unforgivably condemning death.

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