Life Is A Dedication

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



A dedication to all benign goodness in the atmosphere; the wave of philanthropic altruism which bonds one and all in the fabric of eternal mankind,

A dedication to the unflinching spirit of timeless existence; the most astounding chapter of divinely proliferation; which perennially ensured that the world never came to a veritable standstill,

A dedication to the rhapsodically cascading rivulets of water; miraculously placating even the most traumatically agonizing and brutally scorched throats,

A dedication to the panoramically crimson clouds in fathomless sky; sensuously embellishing the carpet of the majestically enchanting night,

A dedication to the infernos of irrefutably sparkling honesty; which metamorphose even the most hideously diabolical; into the mists of perpetually sacrosanct righteousness,

A dedication to the Omnipotent light of the fantastically blazing Sun; which enlightened even the most sordidly beleaguered quarters of this earth; with
the light of triumphantly blissful happiness,
A dedication to the inscrutably mesmerizing forests; which stupendously enthrall till beyond the realms of infinite infinity; unveiling into an entrenchment of bountiful beauty and grace,

A dedication to harmoniously sacred marriage; which unassailably bonds two lovers in rainbows of compassionate sharing; and for infinite more births yet to unleash,

A dedication to the celestial melody in the ebulliently rejuvenating air; which works as an Omniscient panacea; for even the most insidiously lugubrious disease sauntering and alive,

A dedication to the mischievously amiable smile of the child; which magically transformed even the most diabolically marauding; into a land of ingratiatingly beautiful paradise,
A dedication to the unfettered love of the poignantly divine mother; which was the most Omnipresent exemplification of affably gratifying love and togetherness,

A dedication to the timelessly tantalizing night; which splendidly ignited unfathomable maelstroms of ecstatic yearning; even in the most dolorously decaying entities alive,
A dedication to the magnificently perpetual vivacity of the boundless Universe; which spawned intoOmnipotently new life; every unfurling second of the day and night,

A dedication to the irrefutably resolute tenacity of all those disastrously maimed and still alive; bouncing in the full and profound euphoria of magnanimously scintillating life,

A dedication to the ideals of glorious selflessness; the ecumenically resplendent essence of One God; and an unconquerably One Humanity,

A dedication to the threads of invincible friendship; which intrepidly confronts even the most acrimoniously ghastly impediments; with an exuberantly jubilant smile,

A dedication to the ubiquitously uniting and priceless breath; which regally blessed upon every organism irrespective of caste; creed or religion; the right to be symbiotically surviving and holistically alive,

A dedication to the immortally impregnably beats of the heart; which coalesced you forever and ever and ever with the most bountifully cherishable love of your life,

A dedication to all those whom you are wonderfully acquainted with; to all those who were quintessential in inspiring you; to surge forward victoriously in vibrant life,

O! Yes Life is marvelously endowing paradise of friendship; beauty and heavenly bonding; Life is the most unfathomably precious gift from the Almighty Lord; Life
is a sacred dedication.

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