Life Is A Lovebird

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



Life is a resplendent flower; the more you ardently inhale it; the more it casts its fragrant spell upon each cranny of your disastrously frazzled demeanor; for centuries immemorial,

Life is an invincible mountain; the more you valiantly clamber it; the more it impregnably defends every iota of your bereaved countenance; against the most
acrimoniously vicious attacks,

Life is a tantalizing ocean; the more you profusely swim in it; the more it envelops your cloudburst of inexplicable agonies; with its enchantingly rhapsodic tanginess,

Life is a ravishing cloud; the more insatiably you float in it; the more it encapsulates your monotonously beleaguered senses; in an entrenchment of mystically voluptuous sensuousness,

Life is a blazing Sun; the more unflinchingly you stare at it; the more it magnanimously bequeaths upon you the tenacity; to surge relentlessly forward
towards your philanthropically divine goals,

Life is a tingling dewdrop; the more bountifully you caress it; the more it enshrouds every element of your disastrously dwindling persona; with majestically tranquil compassion,

Life is a resplendent star; the more uninhibitedly you let it in your dwelling; the more it wholesomely infiltrates your ghastily bereaved conscience; with innocuously twinkling beams of sacrosanct light,

Life is an exhilarating adventure; the more poignantly you pursue it; the more it enthrallingly perpetuates into each of your brutally extinguishing nerves; to unconquerably metamorphose them into the boundaries of spell binding paradise,

Life is an exotic waterfall; the more fervently you bathe in it; the more it astoundingly washes each of your inadvertently committed sin's; maneuvering you towards the path of everlasting prosperity,

Life is a true story; the more passionately you engross in it; the more it romantically titillates each aspect of your insidiously dithering existence; with its insurmountably ingratiating melody,

Life is an Omnipotent form; the more devoutly you respect it; the more it uninhibitedly blesses every aspect of your survival; miraculously transforming all
your traumatized anguish; into a fountain of perennially sparkling happiness,
Life is an Omniscient elixir; the more tenaciously you drink it; the more it handsomely relieves you of even the most infinitesimal of your tensions; indefatigably
propelling you to fantasize like a prince,

Life is an enchanting dream; the more unfathomably you perceive it; the more it blissfully it placates all your savagely manipulative apprehensions; engenders
you to astonishingly procreate a countless more brilliantly victorious tomorrow's,

Life is a melodious song; the more you patriotically sing it; the more it bestows you with the Herculean tenacity; to wholesomely free your atrociously besieged; and sacred motherland,

Life is an unassailable fortress; the more you vehemently respect it; the more it perpetually sequesters you in its Omnipresent belly; nourishes each cranny of your existence with the tonic of radiantly vivacious righteousness,

Life is a vivid rainbow; the more you profusely absorb it; the more it stupendously inundates your despicably collapsing existence; with an unsurpassable kaleidoscope; of beauty; color; and amiably charming humanity,

Life is a humanitarian necklace; the more you chivalrously wear it; the more it showers upon your penurious visage all richness of this planet; the pricelessly regale religion of mankind,

Life is a Divine heaven; the more you tirelessly salute it; the more it benevolently blesses your pathetically withering nostrils; with unsurpassable fireballs of aristocratically exuberant breath,

And life is a lovebird; the more you ecstatically let it fly; the more it envelops your tyrannically imprisoned heart; with immortal beats of love; love; and only unshakably Godly Love.

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