Life Is Not A Feature Film

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



Life is not just a bombastically fancy pancake; which you can gobble in single ecstatic gulp; and then thunderously snore for times immemorial,

Life is not just a sleazily grandiloquent four poster bed; on which you could languish in the aisles of unprecedented desire; and then shut your eyes in perpetual oblivion
to the extraneous world,

Life is not just a capriciously philandering wind; with which you could merrily flirt all day; and then dream about in the island of nothingness for infinite more births yet to unveil,

Life is not just a dangerously fickle minded dream; by which you titillated yourself to the epitome of voluptuous seduction momentarily; and then transited into a lugubriously unfruitful reverie; till the last breath decided to stay in your countenance,

Life is each day that has to be perseveringly fought and lived; life is holistic dormitory of veritable truth and reality; life is immortally priceless; O! yes
life is not a feature film.


Life is not just a frigidly romantic cloud; which made you transiently romance behind the sun soaked hills; and then you decided to completely quit,

Life is not just a spuriously scintillating chunk of ice; which you ephemerally suckled to flood your entire persona with delight; and then didn't bother the slightest about the paths you tread,

Life is not just a bottle of invidiously lecherous port wine; which you greedily consumed all night with intransigently untamed gusto; and then failed to recognize your own self the next day; when dawn filtered by your side,

Life is not just a ethereally tantalizing sensation; which you fulminated into trying to touch the firmament of fathomless sky; and then blending indolently with soil as if the earth had ceased to exist,

Life is each moment which has to be tackled with stupendous dexterity and sweat; life is timeless fireball of endeavor and vivaciousness; life is immortally priceless; O! yes life is not a feature film.


Life is not just a fake foam of infinite bubbles; which you could merrily burst into melodiously ravishing froth; and then enjoy the unsurpassably silken warmth for boundless more decades yet to unfurl,

Life is not just an insidiously luminescent and ostentatious bulb; which you used to seek unprecedented pleasure after the onset of dark; and then uncouthly forget the very rudiments which possessed you in entirety,

Life is not just a pathetically seducing whistle in the unfathomable gorge; with which you initially replenished each bone of your persona; and then became an immune animal to the most treacherous of squall and storm,

Life is not just a beautifully constructed fairy castle; in which you romanticized for unending nights on the trot; and then wholesomely disappeared like an infinitesimal mosquito; into non-existent wisps of worthless oblivion,

Life is a blend of the good and the salaciously bad which have to dealt alike; life is a mission of humanity to be accomplished by every living being; life is immortally priceless; O! yes life is not a feature film.


Life is not just an artificially reinvigorating cologne; which you profusely applied on your impoverished cheeks; and then smelt only the spirit of goodness on every lane you transgressed,

Life is not just a ludicrously funny clown; who made you have the most wholehearted laugh of your life for simply a single second; and then left you to treacherously decay; in a tale of incoherently bizarre despair,

Life is not just a pompous fancy dress competition; in which you intangibly masqueraded wearing the most princely attires on this planet; and then were left to
rot in dungeons of despairingly hopeless poverty,

Life is not just a short lived enchanting song; whose jeopardizing melody you could bask on for simply a few minutes; and then despondently shut your eardrums to;
even the tiniest insinuation of sound,

Life is an unrelenting journey towards the epitome of self esteem and benevolent mankind; Life is the most wonderfully perpetual gift from Lord Almighty; Life is
immortally priceless; O! yes life is not a feature film.

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