Life Shouldn't Slip And Fly

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



Let the cars on the roads fly; with the passengers seated inside simply astounded by the exuberance in the breeze hitting them like a rocket from all sides,

Let the mountains on earth fly; with their abysmally obscured bottoms; coming eye to eye for the first time in their lives with a dazzling fountain of Sunlight,

Let the gorgeously cascading waterfalls fly; inundating the exasperatedly gloomy atmosphere with infinite droplets of sparkling water,

Let the frogs philandering in fresh farms fly; frisking and bouncing majestically towards silken cocoons of silver sky,

Let the statues frozen in mock silence on ground fly; stretch their bones in sheer exhilaration after lying thoroughly dormant for centuries on the trot,

Let the eyeballs firmly agglutinated to the sockets fly; casting a glimpse at all the mesmerizing sights of this magnificently fathomless Universe,

Let the spiders rotting in dilapidated corners of the castle fly; deluging the overwhelmingly sweltering atmosphere with glistening fountains of their satiny

Let the camels trespassing painstakingly through the acrimonious desert fly; enjoying their rendezvous with the glorious clouds to the most unprecedented limits,

Let the insurmountably heavy watermelons fly; clashing like the titans with each other when airborne; fulminating into a stream of scarlet juice much to the delight of aliens gallivanting around,

Let the swords lying in a pool of ghastly blood fly; head towards a land of celestial peace; relinquishing those horrendous memories of savagely treacherous war,

Let the mirrors uncouthly shattered on mud fly; evolving a myriad of ingratiatingly fascinating images whilst their expedition through the voluptuous clouds,

Let the elephants loitering assiduously through marshy land fly; have the most fabulous time of their lives; moving faster than the speed of light,

Let the roots embedded infinite kilometers beneath the ground fly; rejuvenate in the marvelously stupendous draughts of air; after a torturously marathon time in
incarcerated blackness,

Let the inexorably fur coated cats fly; meowing with unfathomable delights in blue expanse of sky; greedily absorbing the milky rays of moonlight,

Let the monotonously embodied dwellings fly; metamorphosing the dreams of their occupants into perpetual reality; as they sailed through seductive carpets of profusely poignant breeze,

Let the battalion of nimble red ants fly; feeling engulfed with an aura of oligarchic royalty; as the world now lay neatly sandwiched under their diminutive feet,

Let the scores of innocuous children fly; be irrefutably closer than any other human being to the sacrosanct grace of the Omnipotent Creator,

Let the passionately palpitating heart fly; transgress past the most heinously diabolical barricades; to be in proximity with its immortally divine beloved,

And you could make all other things fly O! Lord; making them transiently experience the absolute time of their lives; but please don't make life fly,

For it is after countless births that we have relished the opportunity of being humans; therefore we want to lead each instant of our existence to the fullest; simply don't want our lives to slip and fly.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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