Life Was.

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



It wasn't about just euphorically singing; unrelentingly permeating every thwarted wind of the sullen atmosphere; with unprecedented melody,

It wasn't about just tantalizingly gyrating; rhythmically pulsating your entire countenance; to the beats of the voluptuously enchanting night,

It wasn't about just bountifully philandering; timelessly exploring the unsurpassably panoramic beauty of this limitless Universe; moving the immaculate whites of your eye,

It wasn't about just ecstatically swimming through oceans of majestic triumph; replenishing even the most infinitesimal cranny of your beleaguered demeanor; with unparalleled rhapsody,

It wasn't about just savoring the most ingratiating fruits of nature; marvelously titillating the truculently traumatized chords of your throat; with the elixir of vivacious happiness,

It wasn't about just soaring regally through the conglomerate of silken clouds; gloriously embracing the unfathomably priceless jubilation that wandered sensuously in the land of paradise,

It wasn't about just blissfully gratifying your eternal desires; celestially proliferating your very own kin; to indefatigably continue God's most enamoring chapter of creation,

It wasn't about just coalescing with all innocuous mankind one and alike; blazingly surging forward to win ebullient cheer for the sake of your beautifully sacrosanct motherland,

It wasn't about just compassionately sequestering yourself in the lap of your divine mother; impeccably playing games of hide-n-seek; behind the honey laden hills,

It wasn't about just perpetually imbibing the fragrance of the scarlet roses; diffusing the scent of irrefutable truth to the most farthest corner of this unbelievably  gargantuan planet,

It wasn't about just unflinchingly standing for the cause of unassailable righteousness; valiantly brandishing the armor of solidarity in the most treacherously invidious of times,

It wasn't about just melodiously suckling heavenly sweetness from the beehive; tirelessly disseminating the essence of gregariously amiable friendship; to every organism holistically alive,

It wasn't about just intransigently fantasizing beyond the corridors of imagination; ingeniously evolving a civilization of stupendously innovative resplendence,

It wasn't about just harmoniously closing your eyes; wholesomely allowing the carpet of magically bestowing sleep to poignantly brush you; from every conceivable side,

It wasn't just irrefutably melanging with people whom you unequivocally adored; propagating the spirit of unconquerable existence; to even the most fugitively minuscule trace of palpable life,

It wasn't just about philanthropically enlightening the sordidly orphaned and destitute with fireballs of optimism; perennially ensuring that no child ever grew up in  disdainful realms of the stinking dustbin,

It wasn't just about marvelously sketching the aristocratic beauty of this mesmerizing earth; deluging every bit of brutally tormented soul with a fountain of everlasting happiness,

It wasn't just about seductively inhaling and exhaling breath countless times each day; profoundly blooming with supremely invincible ardor; for infinite more births yet to unveil,

It wasn't just about dedicatedly listening only to the tunes of your poignantly thundering heart; incorrigibly worshipping and following each of its beats; till the instant you abnegated your very last breath,

It wasn't just handsomely fomenting a wave of ubiquitous romance in the air; relentlessly marching forward to unite with every innocently living being on the trajectory of this boundless globe,

Life was infact a pricelessly immortal combination of all of the above; Life was infact the most Omnipotent blessing by the Almighty Lord; Life was infact more  gorgeously beautiful than what you could ever have perceived even in the most wildest of your dreams.

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