Lifeless Commodity

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



When I stood on the earth and stared at the sky; I wasn't the least ruffled by what I saw; continuing to stroll at a leisurely pace humming a mystical tune,
While it was only when I peered down from the helicopter amidst the clouds;
that I felt an uncanny wave of fear grip my mind; the mind-boggling distance;
scaring the daylights out of my breath.

When I stood on the stony ground and sighted the building; I profoundly ridiculed the clothes flapping astray; with every draught of weak wind,
While it was only when I lowered my eyes down; kneeling my elbow against the
balcony of the 100th floor; that I almost did nature's call in my trousers; simply flabbergasted by the boundless depth separating me and the mud.

When I was born blind since birth; I could hardly perceive the benefits of vision; infact made a mockery of those who walked without a stick,
While it was only when I had a perfect pair of glistening eyes; witnessing the
ravishing beauty of Globe at close quarters; that I felt petrified to the last bone down my spine; everytime I envisaged of life without sight.

When I was as black as charcoal; the blistering rays of afternoon hardly having any producing effect on my ungainly complexion; I chortled loudly at people applying make-up creams to protect their skin,
While it was only when I was a snobbish alien; embodied with the color of a
white powdered angel; that I dreaded the aftermath of even taking a single step in Sunlight.

When I was transgressing on ground for several years without feet; I sympathized with people having bulging legs; infact quite happy to crawl delectably all
around using my hands,
While it was only when I was a robust man; adorned in bombastic garment; that
I trembled at the tiniest mention of meeting with an accident; having to bear the tyranny of walking with crippled ankles life long.

When I was illiterate; signing every document with my back of my thumb; I was at blissful peace; unaware and miles away from the intricacies of this
manipulative world,
While it was only when I had accomplished the most stupendous of education;
had my wardrobe inundated with degrees from all corners of the world; that I
had nerve-wrecking dreams every night; of the consequences which would stab
me; if at all I lost my memory.

When I was philandering in the dark lanes; I slept like a demon on the park
benches; adapting the open cover of sky as my sole companion,
While it was only when I was snuggled comfortably under silken sheets; the glimmering lights of the palace; sequestering me from the outside dark and
chill; that I hiccupped incessantly; the instant I imagined my body bare chested; enveloped by the freezing winds of the Himalayas.

When I was overwhelmingly sad; struck by hysterical grief since my childhood;
I contemplated people pretentiously smiling around me to be the greatest of fools; unperturbed by the jokes they occasionally cracked,
While it was only when I was gifted with all the felicity; bounced in sheer
euphoria every unfurling second of the day; that I shivered uncontrollably;
when I thought of my existence without my beloved; plunging forever into the
corridors of gloom.

And when I was poor; endeavoring hard each day to fight for my bread; I was
the happiest man on this universe; as I had the capacity to fantasize about
the most greatest of riches; and was yet contented with the meager means I had
for survival,
While it was only when I was exorbitantly wealthy; having a battalion of cars
following me wherever I went; that I felt like I was dying every moment; with
the thought of all this affluence deserting me some day; and bathing my scalp
with raw shrubs of grass instead of perfumed shampoo; transforming me from a
Human into a lifeless commodity.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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