NIght Demons

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Just another thought

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



I woke up this morning with this blurriness in my head
I tried to stand up but my limbs failed!
This image from last night nightmare carved in my mind...
why do I hate you mother now that you are gone?
Always arguing and fighting in my night dreams,
Always running away and blaming you!
Why does it hurt so much mother now that you are gone?
I needed you so much but you were never there...
It ached deeply and I called for you so many times..
Busy you said you were, but only for me never for others
Why does it hurts so much?
Night after night you haunt my dreams and resentment I feel!
In every single nightmare of mine there you are, like an executioner...
Ready to punished me for sins I've not committed!

I cry helplessly because my wounds are deep
Good memories are fading away so fast
Yet, awake I remain in this noisy night
Fighting my own demons and past fears
Why do you haunt me in my dreams?
Why do you punished me now that you are gone?
Will you ever forgive me for not saying goodbye?...
Will I ever forgive you for not being here for me when I asked for your help?
Long and scary are my nights
Hour after hour I try to sleep
Yet the pain is too deep!
My mind wanders to places I've tried to forget
Darkness keeps following me everywhere
s it a curse or just bad karma I wonder...
At last my eyes close, my mind empties and there's this numbness in my limbs...
A fainted face I see in this cloudy place I know not

Oh it is you! Why are you here now to haunt me? To make me grieve and suffer?
You didn't help me in life still you keep haunting my dreams?
Night after night I try to run but I'm trapped
Stuck and lost in that house
Where my demons have awaken
Evil that place is...
Frozen you are and cruel you became... in my dreams, why?
Please let me go now that you are gone
Dark are the nights at that house and evil lives in there
Awaiting for me, calling for my soul...
Returning there each night I am
To that somber, wintry and void place that was once my home...
Sadness lies in the foundations of that place,
Rotten roots of a lost world.

Shrieking I awake from this nightmare
Heart racing, tears in my eyes, sweat in my forehead
Trying to figure out where am I!
Clock strikes 2 am... I don't want to fall asleep
There's evil in my dreams
there are storms in my life...
Ghosts from the past
Demons from the present
Both intertwined to haunt me even when I am awake!
I curse you for ruining my memories after death
I hate you for not letting me know that I matter!
Darkness is my life but in the light I live
Tormented I am night and day...
There's a mist surrounding me, there's confusion...
Am I awake yet?
Damn you for making me struggle in my dreams
I feel exhausted, so much battles to be fought
I feel myself fading away in this land of confusion
Why do I brawl with you mother in my dreams now that you're gone forever?
Don't be one more demon in my head
Don't be one more evil tyrant that I have to fight back!
My strength is not much anymore, do please go away
For a peaceful night I long
For a colourful dream I wish
Just only one night without battles!
There's a war going on and I am losing it
I try so hard but you all keep haunting me at night
You keep coming back to take me with you...
It's not my time yet for strong my dark forces are
I woke up this morning and realized that the nightmare is still here...

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