Yellow radiant sun

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John recieves the email from his friend. Five words. He writes a story incorporating those five words. A story within a story.

Follows on from Five Words.

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018




Shaking nervously, John emailed his friend asking him to type just five words on a blank document and send it to him. He didn’t tell him what it was about. He didn’t want to. He felt embarrassed asking him in the first place, but he knew that his friend wouldn’t ask what it was about. If he did, he’d be comfortable saying he didn’t want to talk about it. 

A day went by from not hearing from his friend. John felt anxious, thinking it was ridiculous having asked him. What if he thinks I’m being weird? Just then his phone pinged with the sound of a new email. He opened it up and saw it was from his best friend. He smiled to himself, feeling relieved. He opened the attachment on his iPad, read the five words slowly and thought about what he was going to do with them. 

His counsellor had asked him to write a five hundred word story incorporating five specific words, and to ask someone he knew and trusted to come up with the five words for him. This exercise was supposed to help him to think outside of himself and start thinking creatively. Asking someone was allowing someone else in to his life. John had come to mind right away as his counsellor was still explaining about the task. He felt excited at first, mainly as he was including his friend in his recovery. Then he started wondering how this task would help him, but instead of questioning his counsellor, he just thought he’d get on with it and see for himself. 

Five words. 

These five words being: letter, petal, yams, yellow, radiance. 

Right away, a story came to him about a bright yellow radiant sun. How he’d fit the other words in, he wasn’t quite sure but he was sure that once he started typing, it would all come to him eventually. He smiled to himself, thanking his best friend silently for these five words. 

A five hundred word story coming up! 

‘“A letter arrived through the woman’s post box. She stared at it on the mat for what felt like eternity before her wife arrived home. On hearing the key in the door, she quickly got up from the step she was sitting on at the bottom of the stairs, wiped her eyes and quickly grabbed the letter off the mat before her wife pushed the door open. 

“Oh, hello”, her wife said, sounding surprised. 

“Hello”, she said, sheepishly.”’

Seventy-eight words. Hmm. 

John carried on. 

‘“The speckled sunlight danced on the welcome mat on their porch. Lauren could see from the hallway mirror the brightness of the yellow radiant sun starting to set over the horizon. It blinded her slightly. As her wife closed the door, she pondered nervously, the letter still in her hands. Her wife looked at her, bewildered. 

“Are you okay hun? You seem a little on edge right now.” 

“Yes...” Lauren said unconvincingly. Dancing on the spot, she admitted, “okay, no...the letter came.” She showed Tash the envelope in her hands. 

Tash had just walked through the door and closed it. She put her work bag down on the hall floor, sighing partly as she was shattered from work and partly as she knew how much of a big deal this letter was to Lauren.”’

Yellow, John crossed off. Letter

Petal, yams and radiance. Hmm.

‘“Let’s go into the kitchen”, she said, while making her way there as she started taking off her coat. Lauren followed behind, staring at the envelope, contemplating. 

Tash walked over to the kettle, noticed there was enough water in to make two cups of tea and clicked it on. She held onto the worktop for a moment, just staring out of the window. She noticed the single petal that was hanging on to its flower head this morning had disappeared. She felt a slight twinge. She rubbed the back of her neck subconsciously and turned to where her wife was standing. 

“Are you going to open it?”, she asked, still rubbing her neck. 

Lauren looked up and realised that she needed to. Holding it isn’t helping her. She turned it over and ripped open the flap. The letter consisted of two A4 sheets of white paper. She started reading it. Tash, meanwhile, turned to the kettle and clicked it on again. As it boiled this time, she reached for the cups and tea bags, and opened the fridge for the milk. She frowned doing so. 

“Lauren, why are there two sprouting yams in our fridge? I only cleaned this out the other day?!”, she said a little sharply. 

“I don’t know...You know what they say, potatoes have eyes, so maybe yams have legs..!” She felt a little frustrated Tash wasn’t taking any notice of her feelings over this letter. 

Getting the milk out of the fridge and picking the kettle up to make the tea, Tash asked “so what does the letter say?” She knew it was important to Lauren but she’d had a stressful day and all she wanted to do was sit and watch some mindless tv. 

“You could sound a little more enthusiastic!”, sparked Lauren. 

She turned around to her wife, sighing. “Look, I’ve had a really stressful day at work. I’m sorry, I know this letter is important to you, but right now, I...I just need...”

“Sorry.”, Lauren stated, wide eyed as she realised the day her wife must have had. “I can leave this for now.” 

“No, it out. What does it say?” 

Tash walks over to the wooden table in the kitchen with the two cups of tea. 

“Right, well, it says, as far as I can make out in all this jargon...”

“Yes..”, Tash demands, seeing a smile start to form across her wife’s beautiful face. 

“It says yes. It says yes!”, she shouts, excitedly. 

“Oh that’s amazing! Well done! Congratulations.” Tash goes over and hugs her wife, kissing her on the cheek twice. “Well done.”, she half whispers in her ear. They stay embracing each other for a few moments, Lauren overcome by relief and Tash overcome by her love for her wife.”’ 

How am I going to get that in?, John pondered. He looked back to see if he could slot it in somewhere as he felt this was a good, very good in fact, end to the story. He reads it back. Oh hang on, the word count...!, he remembered. Six seventy-eight. Oops. Only one hundred and seventy-eight words over. Oh well. He wasn’t going to start cutting anything out. 

He read back over his story and was unsure how to fit radiance into it. He then decided to change radiance to radiant. He’d already put that in. He chuckled to himself as he felt a little mischievous, and he liked it! 

He clicked save, texted his friend thanking him for the five words and went to make a good cup of tea.

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