Night Light Tales: The Pizza Guy

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If it's 30 minutes late, it's dangerous.

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



Chris Sampson was just ten years old. Oh, and a gamer. He was no stranger to competition. In five short years he had already competed in over twenty first shooter duels, and won first place in every one. He was unstoppable.

Because of his maturity, Chris's mom often felt comfortable leaving Chris home alone momentarily if she needed to run out for a bit. 
"Chris! Chris!" him mother called, grabbing her keys out of the wicker basket placed on a small box like table by the front door. "I'm leaving."
Chris was distracted as usual. He had been on a six hour straight gaming session and couldn't pull himself away.
"Die you ugly troll! Die!" Chris called out.
Chris's mother smirked, shaking her head in amusement. This was no surprise. She reached into her purse to leave some money for him. A usual occurrence so Chris could order in food. His mother left shortly after.
That night...Chris's eyes were strained, red, with bags resting under them. He desperately held his yawning in so not to lose focus on the game.
"It's 7 o'clock" a Marvin the Martian alarm clock rang.
Chris diverted his attention to look at the alarm. He paused the game, yawned extremely and then set the controller down.
"I'm starving."
Chris strolled into the kitchen. Flipping on the lights, scouring the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets for food. He hadn't eaten in so long, his stomach had begun growling. Chris looked around for a bit longer but felt defeated. There was nothing they had that he wanted.
Chris popped into the dining room.
"Where did mom put the M&M's?" he thought to himself, opening and shutting every cabinet door.
In the corner of his eye he noticed the wicker basket. His eyes lit in excitement. He had forgotten to check that.
He hurried over and noticed the money his mom left for him. 
"Eureka!" Chris shouted, grabbing the house phone, dialing numbers. "Hello...E.Z. pizza? I'd like to order a large garlic pepperoni please!"
Chris had gone back upstairs to play his video game.
The doorbell rang.
Chris sprung to his feet. He was so excited. The thought of garlic covered pepperoni pizza raised the taste buds in his mouth. 
Chris hopped down the stairs like it was Christmas morning.
The doorbell rung again.
"I'm coming..I'm coming. Hold your horses." Chris answered insistently.
Chris opened the door quickly. As the door crept open, Chris immediately noticed the delivery man's shoes. They were flat, barely any support on the heel. Filthy and unkempt, no laces, the material had severely worn down.
Chris's eyes diverted up. The delivery man's clothes weren't any better. Stained and ripped pants, wrinkled shirt. Chris's excitement had dissolved. He looked up at the delivery man's face, which was looking down, covered by greasy looking hair.
"Uh..hello?" Chris asked shaking, keeping the door partially open.
The delivery man slowly raised his head. The ominous porch light illuminated the red zit marks on his face and stained brown teeth. Chris shrieked, trying not to be obvious. The delivery man smiled ear to ear. Chris could hardly stand looking at him. Chris wasn't a rude person, so he tried his best to be pleasant and smile back at the delivery man.
"Ho--how much again?" 
"17.50" the delivery man said, baring that creepy smile, sending chills down Chris's spine.
Chris reached into his pocket to pull out the crumpled up money, handing it to him slowly.
"Here's $20. Keep the change." Chris said.
"How kind of you." the delivery man replied, slipping Chris the pizza.
Chris cautiously took the pizza from the delivery man. 
"Okay. Bye." Chris said trembling, giving the man a nod of assurance, closing the door quickly without seeming frightened.
Chris waited a second after he closed the door. He peered through the peep hole, making sure the man left. 
The delivery man stood there. Gleaming with obnoxious happiness. Staring blankly. Not even a blink of the eye. Chris's heart began to race. He thought to himself, this was something straight out of a horror movie. Kid home alone. Psycho killer kidnaps the kid and they find his remains buried in a ditch in the next town. 
The man hadn't moved for what felt like forever. Suddenly he turned his head, took a deep breath.
"Ah! Smells like home." 
Chris had no idea what the guy was talking about. He looked around where he stood for anything he could defend himself with. When he looked back through the peep hole, the delivery man was walking to his car. It was some old beat up piece of shit green pinto. When he started it, it sounded like something blending metal together. It was horrid.
The car sat for a second, then sped off.
Chris ran up to his room and called his mother immediately. When he flipped his television on, the local news was covering a story about a body found a mile outside of town. It was a young body. His neck was broken, and all he had on was a pair of boxer shorts. The news then posted a picture of a beat up shitty looking green pinto. Stating that the boys car was stolen and that if anyone see's the vehicle to call the police immediately. 
The door bell rang again.

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