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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018




I guess I'm becoming impatient
With all these fake times and twists
There is no heat, no wrong
Every time I turn
This place becomes gold
Nothing I try can be controlled

Take it
Take it lightly
Because I won't finish it today
Getting closer and closer...
In this rollercoaster of forever

Restless, for what is worth
I've been making the same steps
As everyone else's been told
Bright minds taking big leaps
In the opposite direction

I guess I'm becoming impatient
The aftermath isn't supposed to be like this
Balancing through streams of air
To find the water among us
Create the solution to the pollution
Trapped in my entrails

Take it
Take it down a notch
Etch my words into your mind
This is not how it goes
Even in this universe of changes

(Yet the fire reclaims
Another reason to stay
It never asked for a change
Won't you please give a chance?)

The days start backward and I'm full of it
When my dusty head clears it all off
I'll try to traverse this thin line
Search for a new meaning in this cubicle
A silence that I didn't know
The light that shakes worlds

Who am I?
Judgments like vultures
Do they really affect my lead?

Take it
Take it off now
The permanent veil that you refused to see
How can you make it all wrong
In these eyes so full of wonder?

I guess I became impatient
The smoke in my head turned an exhaust
No wonder I'm lost in forever
Not to confuse
But to fend me

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