Last Re-Write

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A short story inspired by a favorite author.

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



  The writers block had Steven Knight in its grip, it was of a type that could strangle as he tried to bring forth the novel he'd promised. The final in a series which had become a profitable success.

  Making money at what he loved to do was coming in at a steady pace and it had to continue. Not only that, but the guarantee he'd given of a sixth book was necessary, since the fifth had ended on a cliff hanger, giving no conclusion to the fans.

  Daily he'd sit at his key board, his mind going blank, the same as it did when he would take long walks to the beach where he would linger, waiting for inspiration to hit. It never did.

  With frustration growing and a deadline to fear, he decided to step back from it all and took a day to surf the web, pulling up random things, until that night when something popped up,catching his attention, and he read, 'Sight For Success, A Place For Every Author.' 

Pulling it up, an image appeared, that of a single eyeball devoid of lids, and as it stared back, it seemed to pierce. A moment later, the site itself was shown, one page of black background, and in red new times roman was written, 'For Every Author To Find Success Click Here.'

  Steven smiled, "creative..." and as he clicked, "have enough mal-ware, should be safe..." Immediately his screensaver appeared. He frowned, "must be a dead site."

  Sighing, he turned the computer off, and rising he made for his bedroom, yawning, "have to hit it again tomorrow.."

  He was up at seven, coffee in hand, and he sat at his home desk again. Taking a sip he turned his instrument on, pulling up the blank document to begin, and looking up, he found a full page.

  Thinking it was an old piece, he made to press save, when the first sentence caught his attention, "I have found the key to the realm of Hell..." Frowning he whispered, "this isn't mine..." but still, he read on.

  And the first chapter was well written, "it's better than any I've done..." and he found that the complete book was there to be read, and he stayed reading for hour after hour until the final chapter and sentence.

  "Epoch finds the key to Hell and resolves to enter, vowing to end all evil.." he smiled,"it is the conclusion of the sixth in the did this happen?"

It was the truth, the final chapter was tight and suspenseful, something he had never achieved even with re-write after re-write.

Looking up from the document which was his, he kept it as is, sending it to his publisher the next day; it was the conclusion of the series.

His end a month later was of an odd occurance, with the authorites saying that there was something showing upon his face which was seen as he was found, lying upon his death bed. The coroners report said there were no signs of physical trauma, but there was something reported of his fixed and  staring eyes, which some say told of undiluted horror.

The final book in the series made the greatest profit of them all, and it was very well read. 


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