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This is one awesome toy store

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



The Toy Tour


Chapter 1:

It was a Sunday afternoon and the girls

were hanging out inside their clubhouse

“So, what do you guys want to do today?”

 Vicky Dragonfly asked them

“Getting swallowed up by a big hole in

 the ground.

Would be great right now.” Cookie sighed


“Oh, don’t pay

grumpy over there any attention.

She’s still bummed out about having to

 spend the weekend with Miss Ox.”

 Daisy Penguin giggled


“Oh, doesn’t she live on the other side

 of town?”

 Why, are you staying over there?” Vicky asked

“Because my mom,

 who still thinks that I’m some sort of baby.

 Won’t let me stay home alone while she goes

 to some

 stupid working meeting or whatever thing.”

Cookie frowned

“Yah, I hate it,

 when my parents treat me like a baby too.

 But why can’t Miss Ox,

 stay at your house or you stay with one of us?”

 Vicky shrugged

“I tried.

 But she told me no,

 because she already made all the arrangements

 Miss Ox

And it wouldn’t be fair to her

“If she concealed at the last minute.

 Can you believe it wouldn’t be fair to her!”

 Cookie cried out


Parents, what can we do?”  Vicky shrugged

“Hey, I know what will make you feel better.

 Why don’t we go see the new Potter movie?”

I heard it was pretty good.” She added

“Sounds good,

 let me see what time it starts.”

 Cookie answered.


 She pulled out her cell phone and looked

“Okay, there’s one starting in two hours.

Should we call the boys and see if they want

to come?”

 She asked them


Daisy was about to answer her.

 When Tommy Cub and Sammy Turtle ran


“Hey guys, guess what!”

“Tommy, won some free passes for a

 private tour inside of Bayer’s Toy Store

And test out their newest toys and video

 game selection!” Sammy yelled out


“Oh wow, Tommy,

 that’s really cool.

 How did you win the passes?” Vicky asked him


 I don’t know I don’t even remember entering

 any of their contest.” Tommy shrugged


 we get to explore and play with a warehouse

 full of toys and video games for however

long we want to

“Like who cares

 how he won the dumb passes he just did!”

 Sammy cried out

“Whoa dude, relax,

 you’re more excited about it then I am.

 And I’m the one who won them.”

 Tommy laughed


Chapter 2:

A few minutes later they parked their bikes

 besides the old toy store

And walked inside adjusting their eyes to

 the dim lights


 this looks more like a warehouse

 then a toy store


Tommy was about to walk up to the front counter.

 When he spotted a pair of sharp fangs

 charging straight towards him

He tried to move out of its way.

 But he was to slow the dog bite right into

 his jeans

“Sammy, don’t just stand there.

 Help me!” He cried out


“Wilford!” down!”

 A voice yelled before he aimed the controller

 at the dog

And turned it off

“I guess, old Wilford,

 still has a few bugs in him. That we need to

 get rid of

poor fellow.”

“You mean that was just a toy dog?”

Tommy frowned

“I’m afraid so.

 My name is Ted Gil, one of the

chief designers here at


Bayer toys

“And you must be Tommy,

 our contest winner and company.

 I’ve been waiting for you kids

Are you ready to play with some of the

 coolest toys ever!”


and before they had a chance

 to answer him back

he swiped a key card over

the door and let them into a warehouse

that was shelves upon shelves

 filled with toys,

board games and video games




Cookie started wandering through the aisles

 looking to see

 if anything caught her attention

But wasn’t having any luck.


 She was about to go find the rest of the gang

When a baby doll dressed in a pretty pink dress,

 pulled herself out of her box

. And before she jumped off the top shelve

 she turned and gave her a snooty look



 wait until I tell the gang about this.

They’re going to freak!”


Seconds later

“Hey, you’ll never guess.”

And before Cookie

 had a chance to finish the lights went off


“Hey!” We’re still in here!” Daisy yelled

“Oh great,

 Mr. Gil probably forgot we were in here

 and now we’re going to be stuck in

here all night.” Sammy groaned

“Really Sammy,

 how did he just forget we’re in here?”

 When he’s the one who brought us in

here a minute ago.” Tommy frowned


Chapter 3:

Cookie was about to chime in when a plush toy pig

 suddenly popped out of his box

Along with the other toys


Soon the warehouse was filled with toys

just laughing and joking with each other

“Oh wow,

 they’re just like the baby doll I just saw.”

 Cookie whispered over to them


They slowly watched as the baby doll pick up

 a mic and announced

“Okay, listen up losers!”

 We’ve a kid alert!”

None of the other toys moved

“Well, don’t just stand there.

Go find them and don’t let them get

away. Because if you do

I’ll make sure every one of your

 batteries are ripped out!”


The gang just stared at each other with

confused faces before they took off

From their hiding place.

 And kept running

 until they reached the nearest exit

Sammy was about to open the door

 when a low voice cried out

“Excuse me, but do you mind getting off

 my foot?”


Sammy looked down and noticed a tiny plush pig

 whose foot he was standing on

“Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

“No worries,

 but I wouldn’t go through that door

 if I were you. You guys, don’t know

 if baby doll set a trap behind it.

 The only way to get out and stop her

is to turn her batteries off.”

 The plush pig answered

“Huh?” And how do we know that?”

 When we don’t even know what’s going on.”

 Sammy frowned

“Yah, and why should we trust you?”

How do we know that you’re not setting us up?”

 Tommy added


“Because this place used to be a safe.

 We’d all play together that was until

 baby doll and her goons moved in

“And started bossing all of us around.

Threatening to rip out our batteries if we don’t

 do what she says.

 Some of the baby toys are so scared of her,

 that they refuse to leave their boxes.”

 The plush pig explained

“Oh, that’s awful. Toy or no toy I hate it

 when others think that they can just bully

 others around.”

 Cookie snorted

“Oh, she’s more than a bully.

 She’s a very evil doll with a secret plan.”

 The plush pig answered

“A secret plan?” Daisy frowned


Chapter 4:

The plush pig glanced around to make sure that none of

 the baby doll goons were listening

“I overheard her ordering her goons that as soon as

they were brought.

 To make sure they get their new owners

 in so much trouble

“That they’d be blamed and punished forever.

 Since there was no way

 that their parents are going to

 believe that a toy caused the trouble.”

“That’s really evil.

  I can’t believe she’d want to do something

 that awful

“We’ve to do something to stop her

 before she ruins every kids out there lives.”

 Cookie cried out

“That’s why you kids, need to turn her off

 before it’s to late.

 She keeps her turn off key hidden inside her.”

 The plush pig began.


 And before he could finish a voice yelled out

“There they are!”

“Go run!”

 I’ll distract them as much as I can!”

 The plush pig yelled


The gang took off running searching for baby doll’s car.

 Then after a few minutes Daisy cried out

“Hey look,

 I think that’s her key sticking out of

 that pink car.”

She went to grab it and stick it in her pocket

“You know that’s the wrong key, right?”

 The one you’re looking for is hidden underneath


 her spare tire.”

 One of the other doll told her





 How do you know what we are looking

for?” Daisy frowned

 “Word gets around.

 But don’t worry I’m on your side I’d love to

 see Miss Bossy pants

 get what she deserves.” The doll frowned

“Thanks.” Daisy smiled


then quickly searched the trunk until

she found the right key

“Okay, I got it. Let’s.” She began.

 And before she could finish a voice yelled

“Get them!”


Tommy picked up one of the golf club off from

the floor

 and started whacking baby doll goons

 with it once they got closer to them

Then they took off running towards

 the front door

Half way there they noticed Mr. Gil lying

 on the floor


Vicky rushed over to him

“Mr. Gil, are you okay?”

“I think so, but I don’t know.

 What happened I was going inside my office

 and the next thing I know I felt a sharp pain

“Then everything went black.” He explained

“It was probably one of baby doll goons.

They probably whacked you in the back of

 the head with something.” Sammy told him



Chapter 5:

“Your toys are alive!”

 And there’s an evil one by the name

of baby doll

She and her goons of toys have been bullying

 all the other toys.

 Even worst they’ve it planned that

 as soon as they’re brought

“To make the kids life miserable and

 get them in all sorts of trouble

with their parents.” Daisy quickly explained

“And that why we need to hurry and shut

 them off.

 Before these kid’s lives are ruined or

 even worst they’re punished for

 the rest of their lives!” Cookie added

“Then what are we waiting for?”

 Quick this way,

 I’ll show you how to turn them off.”

 Mr. Gil told them


Chapter 6:

Soon afterwards the lights suddenly flicked off

 then back on again

“What happened?”

 Vicky asked once the lights were back

 on again

“I guess it worked.

 Hopefully the toys went back to begin just

 regular toys again.” Daisy shrugged

“Whew, that was close.

 I thought we were all goners for sure.”

The plush pig sighed

“Whoa, how come you’re still alive?”

 I thought we just turned you all off.”

 Sammy frowned


Mr. Gil patted Sammy on top of his head

 then laughed

“I’m afraid that I’ve a confession to make.

 You kids, have been chosen to be the first

 to test out

A new video game

“That I’ve been working on by the

name of Toy Scare.”

“The plot of the game;

 is to lock up a group of kids inside a

warehouse full of toys.

 Without knowing that the toys are alive

And the goal of the game is for them to

 get out

 without getting capture by

baby doll and her goons

Because if they do it’s game over.”

 He added

“Oh wow,

 and is the plush pig part of the game too?”

 Tommy asked him


“Yes, our little friend here.

 Not only is he part of it,

 he’s your guide while you’re in the game

“If you’re stuck or if you get into trouble.

 He’ll do everything in his power to help you

 out of it

“So how did you kids, like the game?”

 He asked them smiling

“Are you kidding?”

 That game was awesome,

 I can’t wait to play it again!” Tommy happily

 cried out


And before Mr. Gil had a chance

 to answer Tommy back

An evil giggle floated throughout the room.

 That sounded a lot like baby doll

“Ah yes, Tommy, please do play again.

 But just know that this time you and your friends

 will never make it out again!”

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