the story of a girl

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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



I have heard that ‘life is full of fun’, but actually it isn’t.

We all have some ups and downs in our life, but my life does not have some my life was full of problem. I think writing a diary is better than telling our feelings to someone. The first and the worst part of my life is that, my family even in this modern society believe that a girl is always less capable than a boy.

Second, I am in class 10th and my annual fees of my school is 1.50 lakh approx. and my 3tuition fee that is 10,000 approx. and then my expensive. Not only me every one goes to school have tuitions but my case it different. I am habitual of hearing that if I die, my parents could save around 1.50 lakh per year. I know they take it as a joke and say but they don’t know that how it makes me feel.

They have a habit of comparing me with others on the bases of marks and hard work or other works. But, everyone is not similar, everyone has their own capability, style of doing work. They don’t understand that if I compare them from other parents their will be many dissimilarities.

Third, I am stammer since my birth but it’s not my mistake. But, I am again teased for it every time. It hearts when my parents see another stammer like me and then comment, ”see he’s your brother”. From starting of my life I have always stayed at home and then studied in a girls school and I even think that after my school my parents will find a girls collage for me.

Making a girl feel secure is good. But making sure that is she good with it or not.

thanks ,dipanshi

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