When You Lose Touch

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Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018



When You Lose Touch


When you lose touch

And you will one day

What haven within will

Sustain you

What rough refuge have 

You built during the lush years

The glory days

The times of honey and laughter 

Thrills of discovery one treasure

After another in plentiful abandon


What memory palace will you

Roam when your eyes grow dim

What sacred objects have you 

Collected and endowed 

In the various rooms you loved

Of course the window facing the lake

Billowing curtains on a late summer

Afternoon sweet with honeysuckle

My father’s ridiculous piggy bank

Delighted us when he tipped his red hat 

At the drop of a penny

My mother’s scarves scented lavender 

Watching my grandfather’s silhouette 

Grow misty after sunset

From the window facing the lake


Or another room under the boardwalk

Secret kisses stolen spin the bottle

Wet scratchy sticky sand 

In all the wrong places

Again and there is the baby’s room

Rocking and feeding and rocking 

Singing gibberish lullabies 

Into the long dark hours

One by one you construct exactly 

The places you will inhabit 

When age strips you of the unnecessary 

Accessories that clutter your life 


The inward gaze becomes so acute

Perhaps a person might fail to

Recognize the faces around her yet

In her Memory Palace she ascends 

A grand staircase entwined with

An early lover a memory so old

She has never shared it 

The faces around her reflect confusion

And pain because she does not seem

To know them

But in her mind’s mansion she sees them

As children still running naked around 

A hot beach

She smiles and suddenly the present room

Starts smiling too

The family laughs

She laughs too and in that instant 

All of them are welcomed to the Palace.




© Copyright 2018 Julia Fulton. All rights reserved.