one sided love story of a girl

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Hello everyone! Here I came back again. Today I am going to share a story with you. The story of a girl. The girl who was little bit filmy but original itself. She doesn't like to be fake just to impress someone. The girl who believes in simplicity. The girl who believes in Love.

That was great evening. She was travelling from Delhi with her father sitting beside her father in their own car. Suddenly her phone rings. It was whatsapp message from unknown number. In normal situation she avoids to talk with strangers but that day she couldn't avoid that number. Don't know why. May be because of both are going to belong from same class within a month. So they started chatting. The chatting was getting interest and little bit funny. She was enjoying that unknown company. By the time chatting comes to end, they reached to their home and her story begins. After few months her new college gets started. She was very happy. Finally after staying at one station for long, she started her next journey. It was her first day at college. On first day only induction program and documentation was there and the actual college started from next day. On very first day she meet some new students and they all became her friends. Though they were her friends she didn't get too much involved in them. Day after day was going. The college schedule was getting more and more hectic. In these hectic schedule one day she heard one name and she recalled something. Something which was just chatting. She recall that the guy who messaged her has a same name which she heard right now. First she confirmed that weather the that guy was the same with whom she just chat before few days and yes. He was that guy who messaged her. She went to talk with her but at first time, he refused to recognise her. But after sometime he also recalled about her and it started. They both use to talk everyday. She was also enjoying his company. He was quite funny guy. And she use to find more and more interest in him. He use to message good night to her every day. She also likes that. She was also use to wait for his good night. The things like this was going everyday. He use to tease her with different different names but she never get angry on him. Whatever she use to do was just fake anger. She was also enjoying his teasing. It was the last second day before diwali vacations. But instead of happiness of diwali vacations, everyone was in tension of the exam which was there before the day of diwali and suddenly announcement came from sir that the exam get cancelled. Everyone was very happy. One more surprise was there that on next day there is a traditional day in college. Everyone was very happy like they are one seventh heaven. That girl was also there. She and her friends decided to go for traditional day's shopping. He was also with him. They went in a city mall. She was with him. He was selecting shirt for diwali and she was helping her to choose the best shirt among all the shirts which was there. And finally after two hours they choose the shirt and jeans. It was her choice. So she was little bit worried that whether he really likes that shirt or not. But whatever he was saying was just that, that he likes that shirt. And finally they had dinner with their friends and went to their hostels. Now it was traditional day, all students came to college with their best of ethnics. She also went with her white suite but all that was in her mind was all about him. What he will wear, weather he was wearing Kurta or that new shirt. All that she wants was just want to see him and he came. The big smile spread on her face. The smile which was never there from last few months. He was looking very handsome in that Kurta. Within few minutes all her friends gather and photo session started. She was very happy that day. She was feeling that she never get such type of friends and happiness before that day and bonding between them became more stronger that day. After three days of diwali vacation it was first day in college. Everyone was still in mood of their vacations. Some of them feeling homesick while some are in tension of college again. She was also there. That day also she was waiting to see him. She want to see him in that new shirt which was chosen by her with full of heart. And he came. As soon as she saw him, the words came in her mind that,"shit, he is looking damn handsome". Its like someone is waiting for a year long to see someone. Same feeling she had at that time when she saw him just after three days. Again routine starts. College, study and masti. But now in that girl's heart one guy started making his own space. After spending whole day in college with him, she feel incomplete or missing if she didn't call him at night. Everyday she use to find various reasons to call him and finally she came to know that she is in love. OHH MY GOD. When she came to know that she is in love, she got mad,. All could which she thinks that, "how could this possible? How and when she fell in love and why with him?? ". But it was truth. She was in love that one. That one who was unknown for him before few months, Who used to tease her a lot. But now, she started loving all those teasing, all those moments which they spent in college. He was totally unknown about her feelings. All that he know was just that they are friends only. But she was roaming in her world of love which was revolving around him. Day by day her feelings get stronger and stronger and he started ignoring her. May be he get to know about her feelings. But she was very innocent. She was not able to understand his ignorance. And last day of college came. After this day no such masti will be there. All are going to busy in their own lifes. She also moved to another place after that day but something still remains there. Some memories which she left back in college canteen, Some memories which she left on their common chai tapri, and Some memories in their old computer lab. With all those memories she decided to move on. But it didn't happen. She is still their with all those memories in her heart. With all those hopes and waiting for some magic which change her world in the way she wants. Now she is in her new path of career, taking new responsibilities. But one thing about which she started feeling fear. The thing which was love for her before few days, now she is being afraid to love someone again and getting ignored and getting hurted again. But today also one thought of him brings smile on her sad face. She is still waiting for that someone about whom she has guarantee that HE IS NEVER GOING TO COME. And her next destination came. But this time she is not waiting for next journey. She just want to stay at same station and want to experience that same journey again and again.

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