Story of 8-year old

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just a story of a little 8 year old girl. Beginning of her journey to her living hell, depression and loneliness

Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018




STORY OF 8-year old

(This is a story of a small girl to her living hell.)


'Year 2009' worst year of her life 


A girl who lived her heavenly life with her parents and one sibling happily, but this happiness was not for so long. She lived in a small town where she had so many friends in her locality she played had fun and did every thing she wanted, had a best friend in school everyone around her loved her all her classmates liked her no hated no jealousy just living a life like every kid lived.

Unfortunately this all changed in a single day. The day she got to know that she have leave her heavenly world and have to move to a new place with her parents to a different city, have to move to a completely different world about which she had no idea, she had no idea what was waiting for her.


May 2nd,2009 day she moved to a new place to a new world.


This was the day she stepped into a home like prison. This was the day when she was told that she cant step out of her house unless its time to go to school or to out with her parents (which happened rarely that she got a chance to go out with them). This day she was told that she cant make friend on her locality and have to play alone for forever. But yea she could watch tv and eat, these are the only 2 things a kid can do at home. this was the day when her parents started giving her less attention and it decreased day by day.

And this was a bit obvious that that no kid can play alone forever a kid can get easily bored by kicking ball in wall and so she stopped play much and here comes one more thing she started becoming fat, becoming fat was worse because now she had hear one thigh daily "your so fat why do you play" Ahm who will even like to play alone daily. Just think once if it was your childhood would you able to survive actually this is just about her home.


Now comes 'The School' 


The place she wished she had never joined. Her parents were very strict and her mother's one rule don't be friend with boys!!! not even just friend talk as less as possible. For a kid everything her mom will tell her will always be correct and a kid will always do what her mom told her to do, so she did so.


In her class there were on two other girls. She joined school two months late, so those two girls were already good friends and those two girls hated her and the reason they hated was just they didn't liked her but actually she was very innocent she was taught never to fight with anyone no matter what happens never speak to anyone in high tone. And here those two girls got a chance to bully her for everything every reason possible. Actually these girls were her friends this was what she thought and this was what they pretended. For here everyone was a good person and trusted everybody. But she was cornered and bullied all alone in school again.

This is not it about her school here comes one more person in the story 'A Guy'. This guy was topper of class no one every stood 1st in class but she was able to give him a good competition she stood 3rd in her first exam in school even she joined 2 months late. This scared that guy that she might take away his rank so she become his enemy but for her he was just a classmate. So he also started to embarrass and humiliated her in front of whole class like almost daily.

She was humiliated embarrass bullied and left alone daily i school alone in her prison like home no one to talk not even her mom because she was busy in her own life her own mother couldn't give her time. So she started to maintain a diary and she wrote how much she hated those girls how she felt when she was bullied when they fight with her. She did a big mistake she kept that diary in her school bag opps! And here again comes that guy that boy who hated her, he found that diary in her bag and didn't only read by himself he made whole class to read it. And yea those girlsss!!! fought argued why she wrote that about them like that but our little girl did said a word as she was taught not fight. This created more hated and made more hard for her to be in school.


In this same year she lost some she loved most respected most the gentle and kind person she knew her grandfather she passed away tragic for her. But this didn't went easy on her again. 

Her brother said something to her classmate because he heard that classmate saying something to her wrong, what a elder brother would even do when he heard someone saying anything wrong to his sister.

But that guy didn't left this chance as he saw her brother fight with her classmate for his sister. There were two sections of her grade and one day her teacher combined the class and that guy started blackmailing her that he will complaint about her brother to principal for a kids whose parents are so strict that kids will obvious get afraid when she heard him saying that he will complaint to principal so she started saying don't, actually they didn't talked about this they wrote on pages and passed each other and unfortunately her teacher caught them and all blame was thrown on her now this time she was insulted in front of 60 students this was very embarrassing for. And this happened at that time when she lost her grandpa.

This was the way here whole year went all alone humiliated embarrassed insulted bullied and no body by her side no one to play with no friend prison like home and body shaming. Isn't it too much for a 8 year old girl. Just try keeping your 8 year old self in her place you will get it some what.



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