The Art Of The Sword

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Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018



The Art of the Sword

By: Lorenzo, Cooper, and Taro ( Me )


Chapter 1: An Unlikely Messiah


Sean, who was a farm boy at the time, knew nothing about the art of the sword. He would ponder and ponder all day, but only thinking about learning one thing: the art of the sword. He longed of learning all day, but since he was only a farm boy, he could not do anything, and even if he did do that it would be far too dangerous.

It was The War that was keeping him from wanting to escape. The War was fought between the nations. It was a horrible time for humans because of this reason. The War as been going on for as long as anyone could remember. Nobody knew how it started or why it started. But everyone all had the same questions: Who? Why? How? People frequently asked these questions, but nobody knew the answers. Sean was tired of all this asking and no answering so he decided to find out himself. He gathered up all his courage to escape. Except before he could do anything beyond the farm, he had to trick the Landlord.

The Landlord was a greedy, fat pig, he was selfish and cruel. Soon enough, Sean devised a plan. His plan was to sneak into the kitchen and cause a racket. That would be enough to lure the Landlord into the kitchen so that Sean could escape. First he stealthily walked into the kitchen and “accidentally” knocked over the pans. After he did that he looked into the room that the Landlord was sleeping in. He was still asleep. Sean needed to do it again.

Once again, he “accidentally” knocked over the pans, and once again he walked over to the bedroom. Finally the Landlord was awake. Sean waited for the Landlord to get up and walk over to the kitchen. That’s when Sean escaped. As soon as the Landlord got up Sean sprinted out the door. He blasted out the door, and by golly! He ran out of the door and saw a picture of a wanted fugitive. He did not pay any attention to this picture. He had never run so fast in his life! He enjoyed the breeze in his face. He felt like he was flying. He felt, alive. That feeling soon flushed out of him when he heard the Landlord yelling and cursing. Sean knew that the landlord would not be able to catch up to him due to his obesity. He turned around and yelled, “Ha! You’ll never catch up to me!” He turned around and ran straight into a bolder-everything went black.

Sean woke up in an underground barely conscious. It seemed as if they were in a subterranean prison! He found himself with 3 other people. One’s left eye was blind. The next man had nothing but a scar under his chin. And finally, the last man had a missing arm. Sean was horrified at first sight and he thought he would be able to escape on his own. “You’re not gonna escape by yourself. You need some help.” The blind man said “I am perfectly fine the way I’m am.” Sean retorted. “Have it your way,” said the blind man, “So, what are you in here for?” Said the man with the missing arm. “Running away from my owner.” Sean said. “You know, that’s a crime.” Replied the man with the missing arm. “You think I haven’t realized that.” There was a moment of silence, then the man with the missing arm said, “No need to get cocky.” “I’m not being cocky, I’m being truthful for I know what I did to get in this dump.” “That’s it!” cried the man with the missing arm. “Were trying to help you and all were getting is smart talk back!”

“Quiet down!” cried a man in a corner. Sean didn’t know who said it, but he counted the three men seriously.”How many of you are there,”asked Sean. “Who’s asking” said the man in the corner “This kid named Sean”, said the man with the missing arm. “There’s 3 of us” said the blind man “What’s your guys’s names, you all know mine”, said Sean. “ My name is Cornelius Rifium,” said the man with a missing arm. “ Krence Bardom, at your service” said the blind man. “ Athias Bents,” said the man with the scar. “ Why are you all hear?” Sean questioned. “All for the same reason… The War.”


Chapter 2: The Story

“We we in the war between all of the nations and we were pinned down, arrow fire everywhere and men on the ground bleeding to death.” There was silence. These men must’ve been terrified out of their minds. “We heard men screaming and took cover under a rock and huddled together, We were terrified and we didn’t know what to do so we waited for the battle to finish and finally a sigh of relief came through all of us until the Generals came, we were caught and we sent into a prison. We then were transferred to this very cell, and this is why we are here.”

“But that’s unfair!? You were only trying not to die!” Sean blurted out in furosity. “Well lad we don’t make the rules around here. The King does.” Sean sat in silence. He waited and waited and waited. Finally, one of the prisoners spoke up, “I can’t sit around in this cell knowing that we didn’t do anything wrong!” Said Krence. “We need to break out of here.”

“You’re right, we need to break out.” replied Cornelius. Soon enough, the prisoners devised a plan. The plan was to pretend that Cornelius was dead, and yell for help. When the guard comes in, the 3 remaining prisoners will beat him, take the keys and then run out of the cell. It was a pretty good plan if you asked Athias.Finally it was time to execute the plan. Sean screamed for help. The guard came in to check the cell but before he realized it Athias was going to beat him. The door was open. They were all free to leave. They took the prison key. They needed the key to get out of the prison building. They were running down the hall when umgf” Krence dropped out cold. The sound echoed through the halls. “What was that?!” yelled a guard. “There's only one way to find out!” said another. Sean and the group heard footsteps coming towards them. “ Quick hide!”said Cornelius. They ran along the Halls and bolted into a room. there was a closet on the left wall. “Get in here” said Sean.

Chapter 3: Survival

Krence woke to find himself stuck in a cramped closet, “Where are w-” “Shhh!” Whispered Cornelius. “Were hiding from the guards; we need to be extra quiet. Soon they will find out that we’ve escaped, so we need to find a way out, and we need to do it fast!” Sean asked “How will we get out of this prison?” They didn’t know the answer but they had to find it quickly. Sean told the group to go outside. “But were will you be?” Asked Krence. “I’ll catch up to you guys just give me a few minutes. The group finally left and then Sean sprinted to the cell were they beat the guard. Sean realized that the guard had a sword. Sean had always wanted a sword, so Sean took it and caught up with the group. Just when Sean caught up, they saw the rest of the group with their mouths open. Sean wondered what thing they were looking at. Sean followed their eyes and realized that what they were looking at was a massive army marching. Sean’s mouth dropped as well.

Athias sputtered, “W-w- what?” Krence replied, “You know lad, one guard is something but an entire army is another matter entirely.” Sean didn’t know what to say. Krence was right; this was another matter entirely. “Ok, I’m just gonna to write my will in the corner over there…” Cornelius said. “Oh no you don’t.” Sean replied, pulling Corneliu “We are going to go through this like like a herd of buffalo being chased by a pack of wolves.” The group heard battle cries coming from the army that was marching.

This was big, really big. In fact so big, that when the troops all yelled, it could be heard from miles away. Once again, they needed a plan. But their brains were dry. They needed a distraction; a distraction that would lure the troops from the army camp. All of a sudden, a huge explosion sounded. Then Sean saw what seemed to be some foreign tribe. The foreign tribe started attacking the soldiers from their positions. Sean heard screaming and saw blood everywhere. Sean saw opportunity in this distraction. Sean told the group to make a run for it. This was it! They could all go home after they passed this very gate.

All seemed too easy, for they expected the soldiers to retreat to chase them. All of a sudden, one of the strange tribe member jumped in front of the group. He had some sort of blow pipe, loded with a dart. Sean heard a THWANG!, and a sharp pain in his hip. Sean’s vision went foggy, and he felt queasy, then he fainted and fell to the floor…

Chapter 4: The Tribe

Sean woke up in a camp full of hungry (some bloody) warriors. Sean saw them doing some sort of ritual. All of the warriors were dancing around a fire doing some special dance. There were hundreds of tribal citizens sitting 10 feet from fire admiring the dances that the warriors were performing. He saw some of the soldiers that were at the prison tied up in a rope. Sean did not know how many men there were, but one horrifying scene scared him. Sean saw a warrior be forced on to a rock. Sean couldn’t watch. “NO!” he whispered to himself. Sean looked away. SPLAT! What Sean saw horrified him. What he saw were the remains of a human body. Sean needed to throw up. He couldn't. What he needed was a weapon. Sean realized that his sword was gone! He looked down to see a dart in his hip. He now understood the faint pain there, and why he had gone unconscious. As he looked closer at the enemy. They all looked quite poor, yet they had the weapons of a proper soldier. Sean didn’t know what to think at this moment. Should he feel scared, frightened or confused? He didn’t know what to feel but soon enough, the question he wanted to know was, where is the rest of the group? Sean was very frightened by this thought. He tried to get of the ground, but he couldn’t. He was simlpy tied to the ground with some arope. He saw a little chip of flint. It was as sharp as a knife. Sean whispered to himself, “I bet I could get out of here with this.” Slowly but surely, he cut tiny strands of rope. As he started to cut the rope, he heard some grunts in the bushes. He looked a bit closer and saw his friends, and tied to a post by a cave. Se to get out of the rope, but he still needed to be quite. SNAP! The rope cut loose. Sean tried to get to post where the rest of the group was being held. Sean brought the flint piece with him in order to cut the rope that was holding back Krence, Cornelius, and Athias. Sean started cutting the rope. He cut the rope so fast, that he thought that he saw smoke coming from it.

Sean cept on cutting and cutting. Soon he was down to the last member of the group, Krence. Sean tried to get Krence out of the rope. He was so close. All of a sudden, he heard a growl…

Chapter 5: The Ogre

Sean heard the growling but he didn’t know what animal was making that horrible noise. Then Sean’s blood turned cold. He looked in to the cave. His heart stopped. What he saw was an 12 foot ogre. It had teeth the size of Sean’s hands. The ogre was bald and had nasty fingernails. Sean didn’t know what to do. He didn’t have the sword that the he stole from the guard. The ogre was about to come sprinting to Sean. Sean was only about 15 feet away

Then a spear came sailing through the air and barely missed Sean, but went far enough to pierce the ogre right in the arm. The spear came from the member of the tribe. The ogre let out a fowl roar and pulled the spear out of his arm. All of the attention was brought to the member of the tribe member that threw the spear. The ogre sprinted toward the tribe member, grabbed him in his hands and bit off his head. The rest of the body was thrown a ways away.

Once again, the ogre turned to Sean, and once again spears were thrown at the ogre from the rest of the tribe. The ogre was roaring, members of the tribe were being eaten and Sean was hiding inside of the dark, dark cave. The ogre was still roaring. Sean needed to escape. He had a distraction. All he needed was to run out of the cave without the ogre realizing. The ogre was very stupid so it seemed to Sean that it would be easy.

Sean gathered up the courage to escape. He ran out of the cave as fast as he could. The distraction, however, did not work and now Sean had a giant 12 foot ogre chasing behind him as high speeds. Sean got a head start though so he was ahead of the ogre. Sean had was running so fast that when he ran into branches he cut himself. Blood dripped into his vision, and soon he could barely see. He was running blindly for what seemed like ages. He needed to find a hiding spot quick.

Suddenly he stopped. He didn’t hear the yells of the tribe. He needed to take advantage of this moment. He hid behind a tree. Then a thought hit Sean right smack in the head. What happened to Krence and the others?!

It was getting dark, and he didn’t have time to think too much. Soon it would pitch black. Sean needed to find shelter. He took refuge under a tree that had thick branches and it would protect him from the rain but would not protect him from the ferocious animals that wanted him dead.


Chapter 6: Lost and Found

It was only a matter of time before Sean would be found. But he couldn't go back to the tribe or he’ll be killed because of his nuisance with the ogre. This was a life and death situation. Hopefully the group would escape and find him. It was only a matter of time…

Sean didn’t know how long he slept but it couldn’t have been that long because Sean heard voices, “Lad wake up! Wake up lad!” Sean knew that the only person who would call him lad was Krence. Could it be him!? Could it be the group!? Sean awoke hoping it would be the rest of the group. He was surprised to see not the group or the tribe, but a completely different person, it looked like a outlaw. “AHHH!” Sean started running. “Wait lad!!” the man exclaimed. Sean started running. He hid behind a tree. He stayed very still. Sean looked around the tree. He looked at the other side of the tree. For second, he thought he was safe.

“Hello good sir.” The man said as he popped around the tree. AHHHH!! Sean tried to run but he was instantly caught and his hands were put behind his back. “Look lad, I don’t want to hurt you but the only reason that I came here was because I heard a roar of a ogre. I came as fast as I could.” Why are you chasing me than!?” "Only because I heard the roar.” The man’s voice stayed calm. Sean struggled to get his hands free, but only managing to get his hands being held tighter.

“Why are you grabbing me than!” Sean yelled. “Because..” the man said. “...I need help…” Sean didn’t know

what he meant by “help” but he was sure that it wasn’t going to be good. “Why would you need help?” Sean asked.

“Because I am a fugitive.” This did not make any sense to Sean. What does he mean by “fugitive?” Then Seans

heart stopped. This was the fugitive in the picture at the farm….



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