The War Of The Pandas : Written By Colin, Kai, and Sho

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The War Of The Pandas




Imagine a world ruled by tribes of pandas......


That was the world that young Bao Bao was born in. He was raised in the gong village.  He learned how to use a bow at 3 months and could hunt deer at 5 months. “He is the chosen one.” Said the village elder. His best friend said that he deserved to be the high chief. The cruelest panda in the village said he was a huaidan. Bao Bao liked everyone but soon learned to hate the dragon, Ao Ming. Little did he know, but the elder was right, he was the chosen one in the prophecy which went like this.... The one who lived in the village gong and shot at the age of three months, will rise against the dragon and reunite the tribes but he will be betrayed by a panda he has known since childhood.


Bao Bao, like most young pandas, loved bamboo. He ate it for every meal but thieves stole bamboo because the dragon king payed well for bamboo. There was a bamboo thief in the village, some even suspected Bao Bao of being the thief! The village elder said he was innocent but the village still threw him out. He saw some mice as he left but that gave him no comfort. His friend, the elder, and a few others were also thrown out.


 Bao Bao and company trekked through most of china until they saw a small swamp blocking their path. They reached the water's edge but a shui gui blocked their way! Luckily the elder knew what to do. He bowed to the shui gui and the shui gui bowed back spilling his life water forcing him to retreat and let them go.  


Soon they saw a monstrous saber toothed fire behemoth fighting two small ninja mice. The party noticed a collar around its neck. But suddenly Bao Bao’s friend turned, chopped off bao bao’s arm and swoar allegiance to the dragon!


Now this was a problem. They wanted to help the ninja mice but they needed to stop the bleeding from Bao Bao’s hand. Just then the elder got a great idea. He told the company to gather all the bamboo they could get and bring it to him. They did so and the elder swiftly made a bamboo panda hand and tied a crossbow to the bamboo hand. The hand was put on Bao Bao’s hand and he now had a crossbow bamboo hand!


It was time to use the hand. Bao Bao got an arrow and shot it with great accuracy. But just than the saber toothed fire behemoth shot a flaring ball at the arrow and it was burnt to a crisp. Bao Bao shot a second arrow and it was about  to hit the beast into the stomach but a ninja mouse kicked it away! That ninja mouse said “Hit the collar!” So Bao Bao got his last arrow and shot it. It hit the collar smashing it to smithereens and the monster slumped to the ground.


As the company cheered the ninja mice circled around the beast. Suddenly the saber toothed fire behemoth changed into a tiny ninja mouse just like the other two! Then the ninja mice cheered too. “Three is the magic number!”


After all the excitement and thank you’s the ninja mice introduced themselves. They each had similar names. Whisker, Whiskers, and Whisky. Whisky was the one that transformed into the saber toothed fire breathing behemoth. So the company kept going and the ninja mice decided to follow them.


 The ninja mice told them all about the evil dragons plan and how he is trying to take over the world of panda and more with his great army but didn’t know where it was. They told their plan, weaknesses of monsters, and their powers. Now, for little mice they were surprisingly strong. Whiskers, Whisker, and Whisky all had the same powers except one each. Whiskers could time travel going back to the past but trying to master the power going to the future. Whisker was the one who could teleport. Whisky was able to turn into anything. But he still had his same powers.


The company listened to their stories for a very long time and when they were done they realized it was night. They made a fort and stayed there for the night. Some could not sleep because of the surrounding sounds so they decided to make arrows and spears. They managed to find some bamboo and made a fair amount of weapons to keep guard. The ninja mice said that monsters could appear anytime.


 Morning came and the company started off the day by enjoying the bamboo for breakfast. They began their journey again by starting off toward Rocky Fall village. The village was being attacked by a One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple Panda Eater. The ninja mice said that they need to take down any kind of hostile mob that destroys the good. When they got to the bottom of the cliff they started to hear destruction. On the way to the top of the mountain there were lots of burnt black marks all over the place smoke was sizzling from the top of the mountain.



As they got closer they could hear screaming and sounds of lasers firing. The company went from jogging into a sprint. Whisker teleported right there to fight the beast. At the top many panda bodies were lying on the ground, dead. The village was a mess. Buildings were burnt and cracked and were falling apart. The leader of the tribe, Hao Chin, was handing out spears and bows. They greeted the leader quickly and then saw Whisker fighting the One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple Panda Eater. It was firing lasers at him and the lasers almost hit Whisker every shot! They had to do something quickly. The ninja mice had told them that you need to cut its wings and stab its eye to defeat it.


Whiskers and Whisky ran at the beast. Then the three ninja mice shouted “Three times three is us, Bunshin no jutsu!” and suddenly there were three Whiskers, three Whisker, and three Whiskeys! The two other ninja mice that each of them made are actually clones. Then they shouted “Nine times nine is us, Bunshin no jutsu!” and now there were nine clones of each of them! Now they could trick the beast.


The ninja mice all pulled out their throwing stars and threw them at the One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple Panda Eater. The monster fired lasers at the throwing stars. But the laser just went through because the throwing stars were fake. The real ninja mice had their swords out and swiftly cut off the wings. The beast shrieked and fell to the ground. Bao Bao got a arrow for his arm and shot its eye. The One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple Panda Eater died at Rocky Fall Village that day. “Three is the magic number!” the ninja mice shouted.


The company was tired and it was nightfall so they decided to stay there for the night. Bao Bao woke up and heard a noise,he turned to see a giant tiger!The tiger had black fur and orange stripes. Bao Bao realised that this was the corrupted tiger. With no warning the tiger said “The dragon dwells in cavern deep beneath his hordes of demons.”Bao Bao got up and told the tiger “Thank you, we’re very pleased to know.”



The next day Bao Bao told the company about how he saw the corrupted tiger and what it told him. “He told me the dragon dwells in cavern deep beneath his hordes of demons.” The company got scared by the word demons. The company talked and talked until it was decided that they would go kill the demons to get to the dragon. They figured out which direction to go and  headed toward the dragon.


Shortly after they had departed they got to the Dark Mutant Jungle. It is called this because it is literally  a dark jungle and the living things in there are all mutated. This jungle is the most dangerous. This jungle is the one jungle created by the dragon. This jungle is the jungle Bao Bao had to go through.


As they crept along the side of the mud the tribe was terrified at the many deformed creatures they encountered.  A baboon which had bat wings was feasting on some rafflesia plants. Army ants with monkey tails were hatching eggs and tukans with mouse body's had been pecking at a tree and destroying it.  The elder told everybody to seek for the ancient Eggmedak temple. It was said that the temple lead to the demon world. If so this was the place where the dragon hid.


A poor panda who was kicked out of the village too saw a stone in the mud. He told the others quickly when he realized it was the top of the temple. Everyone cheered! “We did it!” Suddenly the ninja mice came scampering toward them. They told them humongous devils were coming there way quickly everyone retreated out of the forest and built a wall out of bamboo in front of them. They made it long and strong.They knew devils were strong and so they gathered other pandas from other tribes. Then the devils came… but they were eggs? Then they figured it out. Those eggs were deviled eggs!


The chief took his ax and demolished all but one because he was nice and they fought until a giant panda ( Approximately 19 feet tall) summoned the dragon and his hordes of demons. The chief took an enchanted cleaver and slashed  at the evil panda, the cleaver cut through the monster's spine spurting blood and broken bone just as the dragon turned him into a squash and the panda fell on him killing him instantly. The battle raged on though there were casualties on both sides the pandas were starting to lose the upper hand. The elder was attacked by a huge swarm of shui guis but they slipped on the squashed remains of the chief and cracked open their heads spilling their brains and life fluid KILLING them instantly.  Bao Bao slough demon after demon until the dragon released his most fearful monster a 200 ft creature with dragon wings and an octopus for a head. It attacked him and shouted “HELLO OLD FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.


Bao Bao screamed “Traitor, you are a two faced backstabbing traitor!” “You're right about that!!!!!!!” The monster growled turning his head around revealing another face, but this one was a vampire his blood soaked face chewing on the bones of a fallen panda as he attacked Bao Bao. Bao Bao took his giant dagger and stabbed it into the creature the monster screamed “Now who is the backstabber?” In his final breath he cursed Bao Bao to never forget how he murdered his BEST FRIEND!!!!!  The ninja mice were creeping up on the dragon when they were attacked by a samurai cat! The cat pounced on Whisker but Whisker teleported away!




“You fight dirty!” shouted Whisky. “I fight however I want!” It was a very raspy voice that would chill you to the bone. The cat lunged at Whiskey, but Whiskeythrew  a ball of catnip at him. The ball shot through the air and landed in between two of Ao Ming’s neck scales. The cat was mesmerised and started slashing at Ao Ming’s neck. The dragon thought he was rebelling and disintegrated him. Whiskey blew on the cat's ashes sending them flying. Then an army of skeletons were summoned. A row of skeletons were holding bombs. All the pandas grabbed their bows and sent flaming arrows flying toward them. The arrows hit a bomb that a skeleton was carrying. BOOM!! The skeletons lay crushed under the debris. The pandas had triumphed over the skeletons but not the dragon….  


The mice slipped behind the dragon, but the dragon saw Whiskers and ate him faster than you can say ¨NINJA SOUFFLE¨. In the dragon's stomach Whiskers lay unconscious on a giant piece of toast the dragon had had for breakfast.  Whiskers was suddenly awakened by a strange sound the pulsing breath of a clown!! The clown stepped forward and ripped off his face, it was the old mouse that had raised him! It was his teacher who taught him all his ninja skills. He said ¨Future now!¨  Whiskers obeyed. The twisting and turning sensation was too much for Whiskers he fell out of the time stream and landed in the acid of time. His skin began to disintegrate and his body was misshapen. Whiskers regained conscious on a lab table that looked like a cybernetic plate. A surgeon stood above him the black uniform  and bird mask was so frightening that Whiskers instantly traveled back to the present. The surgeon took off his mask and said “goodbye my son, and defeat the dragon!”


Whiskers returned to where he was in the stomach, only this time there were a few pandas floating in the acid. He shuddered as one of them disintegrated. Whiskers needed to get out of there fast before he too drops into the acid. Whiskers used all his strength and jumped out of Ao Ming's mouth. Quickly he grabbed out his ninja stars and threw them shattering several of the dragon’s teeth. Now all the ninja mice were back and all the pandas cheered. Then from nowhere the monkey tribe came out shrieking with anger. Apparently some of the skeletons raided their village and came to the battle for vengeance. The monkey chief came up to the elder and said, “My name is langur. I will become one of your followers.” Then he bowed.


Back at the battle field the monkeys were quickly building structures for hiding behind. Ao Ming had summoned a cute little fuzzball. A curious monkey went to investigate. “No!”squeaked Whisky. “It’s a trap!” But it was too late. When the monkey made contact with the fuzzball it created a huge explosion.


Many monkeys and pandas died that day. But the rest did not give up. “ We will fight till the death!” The pandas sent out their secret weapon, an angel! The dragon also set out his secret weapon. The Angel Of Death! The angels grappled for control of the battlefield while the ninja mice attacked the dragon.  


Whisker got out his katana and stabbed into the dark underside of the dragon, stomach acid and bits of toast  flew from the gaping hole in his stomach. Whiskey threw shurikens at the dragon's neck causing blood to spurt from it.  Whiskers took his axe and slammed it through the dragon's spine killing him. The dragons hordes halted as their life forces slipped away.


The elder ran toward Bao Bao but slipped on some blood he accidentally swallowed some and transformed into the pure dragon, Draco.  Draco slipped toward Bao Bao and said “Thank you.”


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