Six-Pack Rambo

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It could happen

Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018



Fred Lunkerisi was impatient in line,

waiting by the school parking lot sign.


He was waiting for school to end, and his son,

when he noticed kids in a panic on the run.


Then he heard gunshots echo through the air,

and decided to go see what was happening in there.


He was always ready, he was always strapped,

and over his belly, his gut it flapped,


thanks to the everyday liquid lunch.

Out of shape, but he still packed a punch,


thanks to the little firearm buddy under his coat,

that speaks in tongues of flame, and that's all she wrote


for whomever stood in his way, twas his American right,

by God, he'd not be paralyzed in fright.


And so he charged toward the sound of the firing.

not afraid, exactly, but heavily perspiring.


He charged around the corner, and there he was,

and there were several kids, he wished he didn't have a buzz,


for what he saw was a situation that was confusing and chaotic,

but he had to act, after all, wasn't it his patriotic


duty, to protect the kids? So, he aimed and fired,

only something was wrong, his gun misfired.


The man with the gun took advantage of the reprieve,

caught a bit off guard, sure, but had a card up his sleeve,


or rather in his pocket, an automatic hand gun,

to double his lethality, those kids who remained turned to run,


but he mowed them all down, after he shot the well-meaning Rambo

in the head, it was a blood bath, 'doh!', oh no!



The above scenario may be a bit unreasonable and a reach,

but so many things could go so wrong, is the lesson I'm trying teach.


Responsible gun owner, everyone thinks they are,

but a lot aren't, and would carry the Rambo thing MUCH too far!













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