Across The Universe

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - 24

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



On the station, Adrian able to witness first hand the not so subtle shifts between the supras and the humans, separating them.  At first, he had presumed that it was fear of the unknown, natural xenophobia that was hardwired to keep them safe.  Then when he started to presume the fact that the supras were holding themselves aloof was because of being shunned, he saw that they seemed to prefer their own company.

He could believe that it was do to shared experiences until the day came that Daisy showed him a new discovery; the supras had a slight telepathic transdermal link.  It was so impossible that it seemed laughable at first, until she showed him footage of neural imaging of two supras apart and together.  Apart, there was less activity and isolated patterns.  Together, the screen lit up and while thought patterns didn't sync, they constantly overlapped.  Sensations, emotions, basic forethoughts were somehow shared through a simple hand touch.


The fact that they were shunned discouraged cross-species friendship, but the real problem was this lack of communication.  When physical contact was made, a psychic connection was made, giving a sense of familiarity and safety.  When contact was made to humans, there was nothing.  Radio silence.


Despite himself, Adrian glanced at Daisy, who had become friendlier since his arrival, but still held herself apart.  "Do you feel it as well?"  He asked, feigning scientific curiosity.


She considered him a moment before sighing and nodding.  "I wasn't even aware of it," she admitted, crossing her arms.  "If Max hadn't been burnt, I would have never known at all."  She nodded at his expression.  "It seems the more we were subjected to the light, the more this developed.  I think it's because the light triggers a further mutation in us, and we're developing a new form of communication, not that the light is giving us magical telepathic abilities," she added to make sure that he didn't think she was losing her touch.  "Because Max has been kept out of the light until he heals completely, he has been ignored by both sides.  When you're always alone, you're bound to notice everyone else holding hands."


For a moment Adrian kicked himself for not noticing something so obvious, but it was a flaw of his to never see what was right in front of his face.  After a time, he started to laugh.  "For centuries, we've been trying to make some form of telepathy, and for us it's a side-effect," he told her, and she smiled, nodding slowly in agreement.


He looked at her, a cold realization dawning on him.  She was so far ahead of him now, there was no way of catching up.  He reached out and rested his hand on her bare forearm, willing for there to be some spark, some proof that- "You don't feel anything, do you?"  He asked, and Daisy closed her eyes and shook her head.  "Well, that makes sense, you-"


She leaned forward and pressed her cheek to his.  "Since the jump, you've thought that I was different," she whispered.  "I'm still me, and I'm still here.  The only thing that's changed is how you see me."


Pulling back, Adrian shook his head, holding her hands, a stubborn part of himself still willing to feel an unknown connection.  "Everything's changed," he told her, ,and she frowned wearily.  Daisy walked away from him and sat on her desk.  He turned and looked at her.  "I was lying to myself before when I said that the changes would only be physical.  Your body does not exist separate from your mind.  Everything that changes in you is going to change how you think and feel."


"How is possible for you to be both wrong and right?"  Daisy asked, cocking her head.  "I've changed, I've acknowledged what I am what I may become, but it's always you that has the problem with what I am now."


"I don't have a problem, I-"


"Then what is it?!"  She demanded sharply, then took a slow, deep breath.  She held out her hand to him, and he accepted it coming closer.  "What is stopping you from just letting us go on like we used to?  I thought you said you still loved me?"  She hugged him, burying her face in his neck, and he felt a sharp pain in his chest. 


Now would be the best time, just stop it before it began again.  "I think we need to stop," he said quietly, and Daisy pulled back a little to look in his face, denying what he was saying.  "It would be for the benefit of everyone, if we didn't do this.  You should, for the future of us, find a supra who-"


"What?"  Daisy asked sharply, her confusion turning to anger, her incredulity plain.


"Try to think of it logically," he suggested, hating himself.  "The blending of our genetics could produce disastrous consequences-"


"Fuck logic, I'm tired of always having to put the project first," Daisy snapped.  "Don't you think I regret this enough?  It's been years since I've seen you, and now you say this!  Once you asked me to marry you, now you think I'm no better than a brood mare to make a new generation.  I obeyed, I went along with all of it before, even when you said I should get on that rocket, and you know how scared I am of heights!  I always did the logical thing, and now I'm asking you, when you stopped caring about me?"


Making a choking sound, Adrian hugged her, even though she was limp in his embrace.  "I care," he said hoarsely.  "I still love you, I just want what's best for you, and that might not be this.  You need someone to sympathize with, someone who understands what you're going through, and that's not me!  I don't understand any more, Darian, and I didn't before, and it's only going to get worse. . .  Either way, we're going to separate, and won't it be easier if it happens now?"


Daisy cupped his face, kissing every inch of it.  "No, no, no," she repeated.  "I won't!  I won't do it again!  I had to give you up before, and I will not do it again.  Please don't leave me."


Bitterly betrayed by his feelings, Adrian hugged her fiercely to him, never wanting to let her go.  "I won't," he promised.  "It doesn't matter what happens, I'm not going to leave."  Finding his mouth, Daisy kissed him passionately, before pressing her face into his neck.


"No matter what I become?"  She breathed, and he nodded.


"I love you."

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