Across The Universe

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - 25

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



?It was hard after that night to try to remain impartial. 


More things became more apparent, such as the slights flung at the supras.  Surprisingly, this was not a two way phenomenon.  Any harsh words the supras had were said in private, usually complaining of the treatment they received from the other side.


With Adrian's connection to Daisy, he had become an honorary supra, and he felt flattered by it, as well as their willingness to take him into confidence.  There had been a change between him and Max, and he had presumed that it was because of the advancement of the mutations riving them apart, as it was with Adrian and Daisy.


Despite the reconciliation, there was still a huge divide between the two of them that they were trying to gap.  It widened a little more when Daisy suggested that they force the supras to go faster in the light-box, to take on more than they could handle, stating Max's baffling advancement as a valid reason.  When Adrian balked at the idea, he could see that Daisy had taken it as a small betrayal, but he just couldn't advocate encouraging people to potentially damage themselves to make the wait a little less.


It was that day, that he had seen how different things had become, seeing the drastically darkened skins of the supras.  They followed her like she was a prophet, and many of them took to calling her Eve behind her back in reverential tones.  She was their first, and so they walked in her footsteps, the need to touch causing them to crowd her most of the time, especially at night.  The bizarre condition seemed more vital at down times, leaving them to abandon the bunks so that they could sleep around Daisy in a dog pile at the life sciences office.


"Doesn't it bother you?"  Adrian asked in a rare moment of privacy.


Daisy shrugged, still unintentionally aloof, unconsciously expecting him to communicate through his skin.  She gave his wrist a squeeze.  "No, it just feels natural," she told him, and he stared at her a moment.  This was something, coming from someone who had guarded her privacy possessively, not to mention her personal space.  She had used to avoid shaking hands because she didn't want another person touching her.


"I would imagine it would feel a bit. . . intimate," Adrian said, and she sighed leaning her forehead against his.


"You'll understand and be used to it all when you go through it," she assured him, pulling back when she noticed he didn't say anything.  "You are going to go for the change, aren't you?  I agree with Max, it's stupid to go and not get the shot.  The world is not going to adapt to them enough for them to survive.  I mean, even if they go out only in the moonlight, I'm sure there'd still be difficulties."


"I- I am," Adrian said, running his hand down her back from her shoulder, trying to focus on the moment, rather than what the future might be.  "It's just I'll have to be one of the last ones.  Besides, they want me to modify the serum so that they don't go through all of the changes you guys are."


"Why last?"  Daisy asked, then shook her head irritably.  "Change it?  Why?  Or why haven't I heard about this?"


Adrian was silent a moment.  He had an idea why they wouldn't tell her, and the fact was because of her.  "I'm last in case I die," he told her quietly, watching her shift between bristling and worry.


"You won't die, some many have already gone through it," she told him, and he thought about Mikal.  There was always a danger of another one changing like he did.  "Are you waiting for the modified one so you seem more human?"  Daisy asked quietly, watching him for a tell.


"No," Adrian stated firmly, shaking his head.  "No, no I'm taking the one you did, if for nothing else, than because I'll know for certain that it works."  It was most of the truth, so he went with it.  "I'm not looking forward to trying people out as guinea pigs again."


Daisy rested her chin on his shoulder.  "Lie," she suggested.  "Give them the original."


"That's unethical," he reminded her, and she gave him a hard look.  "Yeah, yeah, yeah," he muttered, pushing her head back to rest on his shoulder.  "Besides, Charlie wants his to be a new one, with less side effects."  He felt her stiffen slightly, and he hugged her tighter.


"Is it really that awful?"  She murmured, and he shook his head, his hand finding her seemingly useless bone low in her ribcage, butting up against the side of her spine.  It was widening from a flange to something that felt eerily similar to a scapula.  It moved under his hand, pressing against his palm of its own freewill.


"No," he told her giving her cheek a kiss.  "You're something different, something new, it's just sometimes hard to wrap their heads around.  they don't seem to realize that the shot, any shot,  will make them no longer human, just like yours had."


There was silence for a moment, then, "You don't think they'll trust you if you're like me," she said.  He hated that assumption, hated it all the more because it was true.  The humans were being brutal because the supras were different.  When the realization dawned that they were not different, just unhuman, things would get worse a lot quicker.  If they trusted him, he would be able to convince them to take the serum, new or old, because he was one of them.


"If they take the old one, it will be less dangerous than creating a new one," she pointed out.


"They're making a new one back on Earth," he told her, and she nodded, as if that solved it.  "They'll still want to. . ." he trailed off, because it felt like something vile to say that they just couldn't bear the thought of being like her, let alone stomach the contemplation.


"If you take the shot now, we can start adapting you to the light within a few days," she told him, brushing her lips against the side of his neck.  "We'll take it slow, at whatever speed you're comfortable with, then on ground, you'll be ready to go outside almost immediately."


"I need them to trust me," he told her, and she took a step back.


"There's enough serum for all of them, as well as a couple vials extra," she pointed out, frowning.


"I'm not going to lie to them just-"


"You would rather put their lives at further risk?"  She cut him off, looking annoyed.


Adrian swallowed.  "Darian, you always over simplify, it's not that-" he looked at her, really looked at her.  "What do you think will happen when they find out what I give them is the old stuff?  Do you think they'll just shrug it off?"


"We got lucky that with the first human trial it worked," she stated, crossing her arms.  "What are the odds of it happening again?"


He gestured to her.  "Then you see my position," he said.  "They're either dead or betrayed."


"They'll get over it," she said dismissively, and he grabbed her shoulders.


"No, no they won't," he told her.  "How long before they form a lynch mob?"


She considered him.  "Why are you presuming that they would?"  She asked, continuing when he opened his mouth.  "Think about it, why do you think I said lie?  If you say it's a new one, then it's unfortunate that the first stage went the same way.  When the mutations begin, they might think that this is just the way it goes, that there's no other way."


Adrian still didn't like the idea, especially when it came to about thirty angry people, their attention turned to him.  There was no middle ground, and there was no way to fool Charlie.  "I'll talk to him," he promised.  "Maybe Charlie hasn't thought about the fact that we'll be doing it without a net."


Daisy cupped his face, then let go, before holding his forearms, letting go again, her frustration plain.  "I have to go for a walk," she told him, her bitterness edging her words.

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