Across The Universe

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - 31

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



As the storm grew bigger, tensions inside doubled as if one fed the other.

Bizarrely, several people came to Adrian and Charlie to give them the serum, despite the current atmosphere.  They had all heard and witnessed in some form Ortega’s trial, yet so soon they were willing to undertake it.


When Max heard, he actually asked why they’d want to do that now.  It was the same story as it had been for Ortega, they were going stir-crazy, and couldn’t stand being inside any more, and they were willing to suffer the consequences to feel the sun on their faces.


He hadn’t thought about how wearing it would be to see them go outside, he had been reminded a few times on the shuttle what it would be like for the others, but it had been so easy to forget the discomfort of others, especially when they were acting so callously.


Since the promise of violence hung heavy in the air, most of the supras found a reason to linger around the pod that had built solely for the purpose of recovering from the change, watching over their soon-to-be brethren.


Daisy was working hard on the cloning of the yet-unnamed denizen of the planet, pretending to ignore the fearful temperature of the place around her.


Focusing on the creature, she felt some relief as the scan showed that it had successfully formed into a synthetic embryo.  She transferred it to the prepared pod from the petri dish, and set it to accelerated development.  In a few days, its defined shape should become apparent.  It wouldn’t live as long as it would have if it had been left to grow as normal, but while it’s life would be short, it would still no doubt be pleasant, since they were trying to see if it would be easy to tame and raise.


Straightening her spine to stretch a kink out of her back, it wasn’t lost on her how humans wasted no time to play god.  It might have seemed hypocritical of her to think it, but it was true.  They hadn’t know this creature for more than five minutes, and already they wanted to control it.


Pausing her work for a moment, she got up and went to check on Rodrigo, who was still reeling from his stolen shot.


She found him in his pod, Nymadawa standing guard outside the door, not even bothering to try to look nonchalant.  Silently, she passed Nymadawa, brushing her hand over his arm, feeling a tingling sensation as he touched her back, and she knew there had been no trouble, just a few curious onlookers and a few who passed by, and had raised Nymadawa’s attention until they passed by.


“How are you doing?”  She asked Rodrigo, crouching by his bed, looking in the doctor’s sickly face.


“You could have warned me,” he told her, and she smiled, taking his hand.


“Funny, I thought I said it hurt like a motherfucker,” she murmured, and he smiled wryly.


“I thought you were being overdramatic,” he said, and she nodded.  She touched his brow, but there was no telling sensation to point to the fact that he was one of them now.  She supposed it would be a month or more before he reached that stage.


“You’re a little cold,” she said, and he brushed her hand away.  “Do you need anything?”


“No, go away, I don’t need you to play nurse for me,” he told her, catching her wrist as she started to rise.  “How are you?  How’s . . . everything?”


Without thinking, she rested her hand on her lower abdomen.  She would have thought that she would have started showing by now, but then again first children often didn’t develop as quickly or as largely as a second or third.  “Fine, fine,” she told him, turning her hand and squeezing his.  “You worry about yourself.  In a couple days, you’re going to be feeling better, and we’ll be throwing you outside.”




“No, I can promise you that it’s not, but you’ll get used to it,” she told him, before smiling and waving at him, leaving the room.


As she was leaving she touched Nymadawa again.  “Are you alright?”


He frowned for a moment and started to shake his head.  “It’s not going to last,” he said, and she hesitated before nodding.  “So what do we do?”


She swallowed.  She was never meant to be a leader, and here they were, asking her things like this, hard questions that even leaders balked at.  “We see how it goes,” she said, an answer she probably shouldn’t have given.  “We will talk later, all of us, and we will decide then.”


He nodded, and she left.  There was no need to say where or when, they had some sort of homing beacon that seemed to activate in times like these.


Going over to the little cubical which had been devoted to the study of a new serum, she squeezed past Adrian and wrapped her arms around Charlie’s neck, pressing her cheek against his.


“When are you going to dump him and finally make the smart choice and be with me?”  He asked with a sigh, leaning back and holding her hands.


“Never.  I’m a good kisser,” Adrian said, not looking up from his readout.


“It is something that’s important to me,” Daisy nodded, ruffling Charlie’s hair, looking at his screen.  They weren’t getting anywhere, and it had nothing to do with her altering codes.  She had promised herself she’d interfere if they started to get somewhere, but it looked like it wasn’t needed.  It was a good thing, it meant that soon they could finish this foolishness.  It wasn’t as if a new serum was created that the rift between the two groups would be forgotten, it would be worsened.  How could they not seem like freaks to people who never changed beyond the basics?


“You’re wasting time and resources,” she told them, pointing at the screen.  “Or you would be if you could figure out something viable.  Were you planning to create some mice clones to experiment on?  You’d never get a proper read, not with their DNA.”


“I thought you weren’t working on this?”  Charlie asked, suddenly irritable.


She kissed his cheek.  “I’m not, and that’s why you’re not getting anywhere,” she needled, squeezing his upper arm, before changing the subject.  “Rodrigo’s doing better.”


Adrian looked at her blankly.  “Who?”


“Ortega!  Seriously, why do you only remember most people by their last names?”  She asked, leaning on Charlie.  “It seems disrespectful.”


“We’re busy, couldn’t you talk later?”  Charlie asked, shrugging her off.


Daisy stood up.  “Couldn’t you just suck it up and use the serum that was already made?”  She asked.  “This is getting ridiculous.”  They ignored her for a moment, and she saw Adrian shift uncomfortably, and she hated the way he would just stay quiet like this when the majority was against something he believed in.


She leaned over and put her hand on Charlie’s chest, moving her thumb slightly.  “Are we really that repulsive to you that you can’t bare the thought of becoming like us?”  She asked.


Charlie picked up her hand and moved it away from him.  “You’re not repulsive,” he said, but it was an automatic thing, a sentence to placate.


“Then what’s the problem?”  She asked, glancing at Adrian, but he wasn’t looking at her.  “No matter what, you’re changing, and you won’t be human any more, unless you plan on living in here for the rest of you life.”


“I just don’t want something so drastic,” he insisted.  “I want to still be recognizable as human.”  He froze, realizing that he had said the wrong thing, even Adrian couldn’t ignore that.


“You don’t think of me as human any more?”  Daisy asked, standing up straight.


“That’s not what I said,” he said, turning in his chair to look at her.


“You don’t recognize the others as human?”  She asked.


Charlie made an unhappy sound in his throat.  “I didn’t say that either, you’re twisting my words!”


“It is exactly what you just said,” she said coolly, crossing her arms.  “Our physiognomy hasn’t changed that much to deserve that being said, so what is it that makes us unhuman to you?”


“You know, since you’ve become like this, you’ve become really sensitive,” he told her, and her eyes flicked to Adrian.


“Have I?”  She asked, and he swallowed, but she wasn’t going to let him off the hook.  “Am I being overly sensitive, or is that what he said?”


Sighing, Adrian shook his head, refusing to look at either of them.  “That’s what it sounded like,” he allowed, and Charlie made a disgusted sound.


“And you’ll say whatever she wants to hear because you’re together,” he claimed, and Daisy had enough.


“Or maybe you just don’t want to be seen in the wrong,” she snapped.  “Just admit that you have a problem, and it’s skin deep, Charlie.  At least don’t pretend that the world is against you because you were called out for saying something shitty.”


She turned on her heel and went back to her cubical, checked on her saiga, but there was nothing really to do, so she decided that she’d just go read.


Going up the hall, she heard the sound of something that sounded like plastic grating on cement.  She went past her room and found Max crouched on the floor of his, using his hands to sweep together a pile of broken things.  It looked like a cyclone had flown through his room, even his bed had been thrown to the floor.


“What happened?”  She asked, and he looked up at her as she crouched down beside him, helping him gather the garbage together.


“I think I’ve just become the most popular guy in the hub,” he joked, but he wasn’t feeling it.  “I’m not sure if this is because of earlier, or what, but they’re going to come back.”


“I’m sorry,” she told him, and he shrugged.


“There’s time for that later,” he said, putting the rubbish in a bucket.  He snorted.  “Why did we think this was going to work?  Why didn’t everybody get changed as soon as you got to the shuttle?  We can’t stand other humans, for crying out loud, not for their religions or the colours of their skins.  How were we going to handle a sister species?”


Daisy sighed, looking around the room.  “It’s not going to last long,” she told him.  “The others are already deciding to become like us . . . Adrian’s going to put his foot down soon, and the rest won’t have a choice.”


Scoffing, Max shook his head, running his tongue around his mouth.  “He’s not that kind of guy,” he reminded her.  “He’s the more go-with-the-flow type, not the go-against.  The majority says ‘fuck you’ to us, so he’s not moving.”


She watched him for a moment.  “When did you start hating him too?”  She asked, and he looked surprised.  “I thought you were his friend, but all of a sudden even he’s not worth your time and the benefit of the doubt.  Y’know what?  You’re just as bad as them.”  She threw a handful of the garbage in the pail and stood up, brushing off her hands.


Max quickly got to his feet, catching her arm.  “Wait, don’t be like that,” he said.  “I like him, it’s just . . . look what he’s doing.  He even offered to help make a new one, and—”


“He was ordered to do it.”


“You can ignore orders,” he stated, frowning.  “I know you two have a history, but look at what he’s doing.  He’s just being passive and letting things happen, he’s making another one.”


“There’s not going to be another one,” she said, wrenching her arm out of his grasp.  “They can’t figure it out.  They had a deadline, and they’re almost at it.  Having a sex-life doesn’t blind me to what’s going on, thank you very much.  Just like if I was sleeping with you, I wouldn’t be blind to the fact that you’re just as much of an asshole as someone like Paul.”


He acted as if she physically struck him, taking a step back.  “Woah!  I am not—”


“It’s always ‘them’, you insult them, and you think they’re lesser,” she said, feeling her temper rise.  “You think because we’re different, we’re better than—”


“We are,” he said, and he seemed startled at first that it came out of his mouth, then he nodded, accepting it for a fact.  “We were designed to be better than them, we were made to be superior, it’s even in our name.”


“Get over yourself, we were designed to breath air and not burn in the sunlight,” she said, disgusted.  She shook her head, leaving him alone with the echo of her words and his broken room.

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