Across The Universe

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Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



To spare the others, Daisy kept her distance, hoping that would be enough for them to not be associated with her.  Much to both her surprise and relief, the humans were avoiding her as well, though that didn't stop her from allowing her claws to grow in.


She kept to herself, spending her days either locked in her room, or with the fetus, which was growing bigger by the hour, it seemed.  It wouldn't take long for the pod to be switched out with one of the PC bags for it to stretch out and begin to move around it as it continued to develop.


Daisy saw Charlie once, in the time of her seclusion, and he barely looked at her, his gaze sliding over her like she was just part of the furniture.  When she tried to speak, he ignored her and went past.  She had just nodded and left him alone.  After all, he had much to grieve.


Using a scope to examine the fetus as she replaced the vials in the pumps for its nutrition, Daisy felt something move behind her, and she waited, the hair on her arms standing up.


"How long are you going to avoid me?"  Adrian asked, and she could almost see him leaning against the half wall, arms crossed, one foot resting on its toes.


"Don't take it personally," she told him, not looking back.  "I'm avoiding everyone."


"Yeah, I noticed that," he assured her, risking coming closer, but she didn't shoo him out.  Pretending to be concerned with her project, he leaned over her, a hand on the back of her chair.  "It's growing too fast, what are you doing to it?"


"I had it on twice the developmental speed," she explained, handing him her file.  "But it's just fast at this."


Adrian didn't look at it.  "You shouldn't be alone, especially right now," he said, switching back to the real reason he was there.  "It doesn't matter what they say you--"


"It was self-defence," she interrupted, her tone clipped.  Several of the supras had tried to discuss what she had done, but she had been reluctant to go into detail of torturing her antagonist.  She was tired of hearing or thinking about it.


He leaned in.  "With everything that's been going on, it's not safe for you to be alone like this," he said quietly, as if he didn't want to give any passersby ideas.  "You've made yourself a target."


She tipped her head back and looked him in the eye.  "And was I supposed to do?"  She asked, narrowing her eyes.  "Everyone has the opinion that I shouldn't have done that, but no explanation on how to extracted myself with injury."


Adrian shook his head.  "Just, don't go around by yourself any more, please?"  He said, before glancing at his file, as if unsure how it got there.  "For my sake?"


She sighed, and leaned back in her seat, pressing a finger to her temple.  "Have you thought more of what I asked you?"  She pushed, and he hesitated.


"I want to make sure you're alright," he told her, and she crossed her arms.  "I've been trying to keep an eye on you, even though I'm sure that's not well-received, and I can't do that when I'm locked in a clean room."


"I'm starting to think you just don't want to do it," she remarked, turning away from him.


There was a beat of silence.  "You don't trust me," he said, and she had a moment when she wanted to just leave everything behind, the hub and all of it's inhabitants.


She turned back, and appraised him.  "Do you think you trust me?"  She asked, watching him.  She checked to make sure there was nothing else that needed to be done, then got up, leading Adrian to her room.  "Sit, please," she said, pointing at the bed as she locked her door.


Doing as told, it was clear that he wanted to ask what she was going to do, and Daisy thought it was nice that he had restrained from doing so.  Sitting on his lap, Daisy pulled off her shirt first, than his, hoping that the amount of skin contact would help allow her access.


She felt his hands come to rest on the sides of her thighs, and she cupped his face, exhaling as she closed her eyes.  Silence filled the room as she fished for a sensation of connection.  Adrian was mercifully quiet as she did this, and maybe that was why she was able to feel the almost silvery thread that was curling just out of reach.  She moved towards it, opening herself up to it so that he could cross the boundary as well.  She followed it to what felt almost like light, as Adrian shifted under her.


She was gently pulling the silver into her as she followed it up, when she heard him make a sound in the back of his throat.  She moved gently, not trying to disturb or hurt him.  She nearly reached the light when Adrian harshly shoved her away, bolting from his spot on the bed, breathing hard.


Dazed, Daisy wrapped her arms around herself, trying to pull her mind back together.  She turned and looked at Adrian, who was pacing a little, looking like he wanted to crawl out of his skin.  He twitched and rubbed at wherever she had touched him, as if trying to remove the sensation of her from him.


He noticed her looking at him, and his face filled with suspicion and confusion.  She felt like crying.  "What did you do to me?"  He demanded, and she closed her eyes.


"It's what we do to each other," she said in a breath, squeezing herself tighter.  "I didn't mean to-- if we try again, maybe it won't--"


"I'm not doing that again!"  Adrian told her, shuddering.  "I don't know how you can stand it."  He faced her, but she didn't say anything.  "I didn't-- it's just I don't think we're wired . . . is that what you did to Lucille?"  He asked it so quietly, but it still felt like a blow.


"No," she more so mouthed than said.  "I would never do that to you.  How could you ask me that?  I asked if you trusted me so I could share something important with you, not so I could take advantage of you."


"I didn't mean it like that, I just--"


"Please, just go," she said, laying down so that her back was to him.  "I need to be alone right now."


She felt the bed shift and she closed her eyes, flinching away from Adrian when he touched her.  "We're not wired the same," he tried to explain.  "There's been a lot of strain, and everything is . . ."  He sighed, stopping as she moved away from him, unable to stand his senseless touch.


"We're wired differently," she agreed, turning to face him.  "I know, that's why I'm begging you to join me."  She closed her eyes, a realization coming to her.  "And we can't be doing this either.  I need someone like me."


"So you're giving me an ultimatum," he confirmed.  "Change or leave."


"Ari, I feel like I'm dying," she told him, pulling away again when he reached for her.  "I tried to tell you what it was like, and I can't take it any more."


He slowly lifted his hand as he watched her face, before gently settling it on her lower abdomen, feeling the squirming of something beneath her flesh.  She had no idea what their child would be like, or if it would even be recognizable as her offspring.  Though it did feel like a knot of eels under her skin, writhing against their barrier.


"After the baby's born," he said, and she pushed his hand away.  "Or after the others have changed, whichever comes first."


She looked at him.  "Do you really think you can protect me?"  She asked, trying to keep her voice level.  "You're not a fighter, and we're not together all the time, so take three days and--"


"I cant."

"You won't."


Adrian took a deep breath and kissed her forehead.  "Not until the baby's born," he told her, getting up.


"I said, I need you now," she reminded him.  "They're not going to mount a full scale attack when you're not here."


"No, but now they're feeling vulnerable, and I'm guessing that now is not a good time to be unable to defend myself," he winced, and looked at her.  "If I'm dead, there's nothing I can do to help you, is there?  I can't protect you or help you raise our child."


"I'll protect you," she promised, and he sat back down.


"I don't want to risk it," he said.  "They've already tried to hurt you a couple times, and this way you can stay close to the other supras."


Daisy wetted her lips, turning her face away from him.  She shook her head.  "No," she said.  "I quit."  Her eyes flashed at him.  "You always know best, don't you?  Ever since this has happened, I've listened to almost everything you said, and all that happened was I ended up hurting.  It's your decision what you do, but I can't keep waiting forever for you.  I need you now, not in six months."


"Darian--"  She pointed at the door.

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