Across The Universe

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Submitted: October 05, 2018

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Submitted: October 05, 2018



Nymadawa found her in her room, stopping a moment when he saw how she was laying on the bed.  She looked at him, before sighing and sitting up.  “I’m fine,” she assured him, touching her forehead, which felt warm.



“Nothing happened?”  He asked, unsure.  She shook her head, gesturing for him to come in.  He came over and promptly sat on her bed, offering his hand.  “I found it.”  He said, and she took hold of his fingers, grimacing at what seemed like a giant worm of grotesque proportions.



“What the hell?”  Daisy muttered, looking at him, her nose wrinkling.



“I don’t know,” he admitted.  “I know it looks all messed up, but I’ve had the scanner trained on one of the tunnels, and it went through.  Very slowly, but it went by.”



Daisy couldn’t wipe the expression off her face.  “Was there anything that registered, like, on the seismograph?”  He squeezed her hand tighter, and she saw that the worm was the only thing of note on the whole study.  It had taken almost an hour to pass on its way to wherever, and it had been the only thing seen.



She felt a sudden stab of urgency, and she locked eyes with Nymadawa as the single question hung between them.  When?



Nymadawa shrugged with her, and they got up together, going off to find the others.



Oddly, it seemed like the humans were the ones claiming the free space of the hub, but, more peculiarly, the supras seemed to think of the place as only a temporary shelter.  She wondered what the humans thought about it, but she supposed it didn’t really matter.



They split up, and as they went along, the supras barely glanced at them before abandoning their tasks and following.  They didn’t even bother any more to pretend that they weren’t doing this.  Humans watched them pass warily, their paranoid suspicion giving them plenty of fodder for delusions.



Gathered in a distant corner, the information was shared, jumping from one mind to the next, then came the muttering, which tended to happen when they did this.



“Worm.”  “Wurm.”  “Wyvern.”  “Wyvern has wings.”  “Shut up.”



They all looked at Daisy, making her heart drop into her shoes.  She wished they’d stop following her, she didn’t believe anyone needed a leader, but still they wouldn’t stop.  When?  The question thundered through her bones like they had screamed it at her, but not a word was spoken.



Time.  She needed more time.  She hated to admit it, but she still hoped that they might see sense and come over to them, but it wasn’t realistic.



She closed her eyes, pushing the right thoughts to the front of her mind.  They would judge by Evers, she decided.  Then the time would come for them to act.



A few people didn’t like the thought, they believed the time for waiting was past, but after a few ripples, calm reigned.  A sign was picked, but it didn’t stop other from wishing that the time was now.



The sound of footsteps made them stiffen, and Daisy leaned against the wall, her arms crossed.  “How are the new bodies doing?”  She asked quietly, listening to Max swear under his breath.



“They’re good,” Nunia said, her head bowed so that she wouldn’t be staring at Niemand, who was doing a fair bit of staring himself.  “Rodrigo is leading the way . . . ready to jump into the deep end of the pool.”



Daisy turned slightly, looking at the human, who was weighing a screwdriver in his hand, nervously looking over his shoulder, as if wondering if he could just walk away.  Daisy realized suddenly that Niemand was there to work on something in the area beyond where they were standing, and he was too scared to try to move past them.



Good, came the collective thought.  There wasn’t a single person there who had escaped his wrath in some form or another.



Sighing, she pressed tighter to the wall, leading the way for the bodies to part, picking one side or the other to press against, leaving a thin tunnel in the middle for him to walk through.  Daisy saw him swallow, evidently weighing the pros and cons, possibly wondering if they’d kill him then and there.



She held out her hand, gesturing for him to go, unintentionally mimicking him a lifetime ago, when he encouraged her to step outside the station to the shuttle.  She hadn’t forgotten, and the movement of her hand seemed to remind him exactly why he shouldn’t trust her, if for no other reason than what he had tryed to do to her.



Niemand swallowed again, before tightening his grip on his screwdriver, walking slightly too quickly through them.  Some said his name in a way that could have passed for greeting, others reached out to gently touch him, causing his to bat them away, flinching away from strange hands, distorted fingers and flanges as they brushed against his body and uniform.  The tunnel closed after him and he quickly worked his way into the control room, shutting and locking the door tight behind him.



“You’re all horrible,” Daisy said with a smile.



“Living up to the hype,” Max said, throwing an arm around her shoulders.  She felt the buzz come off of him and nearly melted, the stress and pain fading away into nothing.  This was how it was supposed to be, not walking on eggshells, constantly watching her back, or trying to predict actions.



Her grip on herself loosened and before she could stop it, some of her thoughts slipped away from her within easy view.  Max didn’t react, he just gave her another squeeze, soothing her with feelings of calm and peace.  When it came to her child, it was no longer an unsure worry, but hope for a new future.



He kissed her temple.  It’s going to be ok.  Just a little bit longer.



Sighing, Daisy ran her hand through her hair, feeling at the edge of tears.  “Anybody knows how Charlie’s doing?”  She asked, her voice breaking a little, smiling to show she was ok as Max jiggled her upper arm and Margaret hugged her.



“He’s still avoiding us,” Nunia said, and Daisy felt a chain through Margaret who the culprit was.  They all turned slowly to face Lee, who unconsciously pulled back, silent judgement weighing heavily on him.



“You heard what he was saying, about--”  Daisy silenced him with a wave of her hand, her head tipping slightly towards the locked door.  She walked away, they all did, leaving Lee by himself, the disgust he felt aimed at him wasn’t just hers.

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