Across The Universe

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: October 19, 2018

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Submitted: October 19, 2018



Life goes on.



The humans buried Paul, and after some time, elected a new captain, since Evers was gone, leaving behind feelings of betrayal since they never saw him as ‘other’.  



Months passed and a message was sent to Earth, telling that the supras had gone rogue, leaving the hub after stealing a good portion of their supplies.



Severely alienated, Adrian suddenly found a cure, which many of them found suspicious seeing how long he had searched for an alternative with Charlie.  Adrian had been sabotaging the formulas, but he had found one that worked before he had ever left Earth.



Material destroyed, though, he told them that they would have to wait until the next ship of people came, which was going to be around another five years.



At least the supras had left them the food and water purification system.  In some ways, Adrian thought it was more than they deserved.




When the supras had left, they went towards the green, traveling at night to spare unburnt skin.



Beyond the hub, the green had turned wild after almost six months of being left to battle with other enhanced plants.  The stella-oris, what they dubbed the saiga creatures, gathered in the safety of the shadows of the bamboos and towering trees.  They left the supras alone, their odd teeth and mouth used to tear up the ground and pull leech-like creatures from the sand. They were harmless to anything larger than that.



Along the tunnels, they found the worm, who was long past dead, and never again did they find another creature like it.



They lived in the tunnel for the most of the time because it was safe and sheltered, beyond the sensors of humans.



Time came and went, and as they changed further, no longer did they see it as mutations and deformities, but as a point of pride.  Each visible change came, stating that this was who they were, what they really were; creatures designed solely for this planet.




Outside in the forest, fireflies rose from the flames of a nearby pit.  Throat too badly damaged to scream, Darian filled the night air with hoarse rasps as she leaned on Max for strength.  In a matter of minutes, her sounds of discomfort was drowned out by a wailing sound.



The others crowded around, eager to see new life writhing in Rodrigo’s hands.  



“Oh,” Margaret mumbled pulling back puzzled.



“What is it?”  Max asked, voicing Darian’s concern.



“Um, well, I don’t think anything’s wrong, per se,” Rodrigo said, before gently lifting the baby higher so they could see.



“Ah,” Darian nodded, accepting her daughter.  Looking down, she could see coal-black eyes staring back at her.  The baby hugged herself, while two ugly mottled arms that sprouted out of her back waved around disconcertingly.  The hands of those arms seemed not fully formed, blobby and misshapened with four digits instead of five. Darian supposed that explained the second set of scapula on her own back. Perhaps if she became a grandmother, those arms would be more developed.



“She also has a tail,” Rodrigo pointed out, opening the blanket to reveal the third difference.



Darian looked down at it, wondering if that had been the reason it had felt like she had swallowed a bag of live eels.



Max squeezed her, kissing her cheek.  “What is the name?” He whispered in her ear.  Nova, he felt.  Nova.  Nova, it went through them all, echoing in their heads and across their lips.  Once they had been the future and now the mantel was passed. Nova was their future, for better or for worse, with history standing behind her for guidance as they prayed to all above that she would be stronger and more perfect than they were in their darkest moments.

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