Just Me Against The World

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Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018




Just Me Against The World

A soaring Red Cardinal Bird

Down below

Hell, tall stacks daily blows

People walking around without a care

Popping pills, pulling out their hair

Mentality diminished from the thirty-day cycle

Bills, Rent, ask the Arch Angel Michael

Systematic designed not giving the brain cells time to regenerate

Anger, Depression and an empty purse, yet, bills can’t wait, cannot even debate

Just Me Against The World

Ooh child, things are going to get easier

Ooh child, things will get brighter

No, it will be, more sleazier

No, it will be less righter

Think about it, it’s no surprise

You will come to realize

These are words from the wise

Just Me Against The World

No civil right shoulders to lean on

Yet, we continue to pray for peace in a unified worldly song

No more, can we all just get alone

Those lyrics are so far gone

Inner cities, bullets keep flying

Mothers leaning over caskets crying

Handcuffed, no diploma, senseless crime

Court, Sentenced, Jail Time

Corporate stocks escalating, it’s a business on taxpayers’ dime

Bullied, life self-taken, silently snuffed

Political ramifications, gun agendas, immigration, no more on the up and up

Just Me Against The World

Peace has decreased

Toxic air from out the mouths of spiritual leaders, released

We put our tides in the collection plate and pray to the sky

Explain why racial disparity is at an all-time high

Schools, colleges, just walking by, why

911 telephone calls, Moorish skin, all just lies

Are we going forward or backwards as we meet

No trust as we greet

Soon, we will all see white sheets

Just Me Against The World

What happen to Make America Great

That concept was just a political switch and bait

Society does not have time to swallow its pride

Observers with ignorant prying eyes

Wrong mother, wrong color

The mirror is our only true lover

Deemed, no self-worth

Stigmatized after birth

Black men, sadly, no earthly rest

Peace, found only after he takes his last breath

His glory crowned only after death

This world must do better

My reason for writing such profound love letters

In this day

Uplifting words when we forget to pray

Whispered to you, as if I would tell you, or say

I give you my Love and Hugs

My Kisses and Rubs

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