The Invasion

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Horror. Humour.Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018



The Invasion


- What's the new telescope like Johnny?

- It's terrific dad!

- What are you looking at?

- I'm just checking out Luna Park, something weird's going

on there.

- Like what Johnny?

- Well I'm looking at the Big Dipper, and it's full of big cockroaches,

they're all riding in the cars, they've eaten all the people.

- Come on Johnny!

- No Dad look...

- Shit! You're right Johnny! I've never seen roaches that big and ugy

before. I'll have a look at the other rides...Yeh, they're all over the 

place...They're on  the Spider, and The Wild Mouse, they're 

everywhere, all over the place. I don't see any people...Jeeze

those roaches are all over The Ferris Wheel, they're coming out of

The Ghost House...The River Caves...They're everywhere.

- They killed all the people, they ate all the people dad!

- Roaches don't eat people Johnny.

- Yes they do!

- Shit! What's that? It's a bloody cockroach, it's flown at me through

the telescope, and here's another one, the dirty bastards!

- They're crawling in from Luna Park dad.

- They're all inside the telescope!

- They're hungry.

- Shit! Another one, the telescope's full of cockroaches now, get


  Johnny starts taking off his jeans and shirt...

- Hey Johnny, what are you taking off your clothes for?

- So they'll know who I am!

- Ah shit! You're a cockroach too!

- Sure am dad...I'm a hungry cockroach! I'm the cockraoch King!




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