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What happens when you pull up to a popeyes at 3 in the morning? Weird things that's what

Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018




“Who the hell are you?” she said looking the mysterious man up and down, in, what was quite frankly, disgust. He wasn’t dirty or unkempt he was just in her bubble and that was a no no. She was sitting in the driver’s seat of her rental car trying to waste time by checking her phone when he appeared. The only problem was that no one ever texted her, except her mom. She didn’t mind it though. They always bitched about weird things people did, it was a bonding moment for them.

The man opened the door and scooted her out of the driver’s seat. Not enough to push her into the passenger’s side but just enough so the two were uncomfortably squashed in a single seat. He started the car and pulled out of the rental car parking lot.

She sat with her arms crossed, not questioning the man. She had already accepted the worst. If he was a murderer it wasn’t her preferred way to go out, but it was whatever. She expected nothing less from a town who’s first sign is “Welcome to Hell, Enjoy You Stay”. This is why she only liked Detroit. If she was going to die, at least she was going to make it difficult for him by making it harder to drive. He pulled the car up to a drive through. A Popeyes to be exact. If he’s gonna kill me he better be paying she thought as he carefully inspected the menu.

“On me. You want biscuits?” He asked her.

“Yeah, biscuits are good.”

“K.” he said before ordering a ten-piece spicy chicken and a box of biscuits.

They waited in line which was pretty slow for fast food. “I’m pretty hurt that you don’t remember me, we were in the same graduating class,” he said shaking his head in disappointment.

“I have never seen you in my entire life.” She responded. Her tone was a bit harsh, but for all she knew, him being in her class doesn’t excuse him from being a murderer. “You’re still paying for this food, right?” She had to cover her bases. She was hungry but she didn’t ask for Popeyes.

“Yeh.” His answer was sharp. They moved forward, finally approaching the cashier/food handoff window. As he handed over his card she checked the time on the dashboard. 3:03 AM. She sighed. No sleep for over 24 hours. She had no idea how her life had come to this point.

She felt something hot in her lap. Yay biscuits! She thought, wiggling her hips. Being in such close quarters, he noticed her awkward movement. She heard him whisper ‘cute’. She couldn’t tell if it was an awe that’s adorable cute or a sarcastic comment. No matter she got a free meal out of him.

The chicken was taking forever, so much so that she could feel herself falling asleep. Her head fell backwards then to the side to land on his shoulder. He shrugged a bit and she snapped out of her sleepy state, only to doze off again falling forward this time.

She could smell that the chicken had entered the car. Her subconscious was weighing her options, what do you want more sleep or food? You can sleep munch, you’ve done it with chips. When her hand touched the fresh chicken her body finally went with the binary and unconsciously brought a drumstick to her mouth. Then the inside of the car got dark. She assumed they pulled away from the fast food joint, but she was sadly mistaken.

When the lights came back the brightness was blinding. Her eyes took a while to adjust to find herself in a completely salmon colored room with what she presumed to be locked door (the only thing that wasn’t pink) This is incredibly tacky. At least I was right. She thought as her vision came to. She wasn’t mad because she knew he was a possible murderer, she was mad because who paints an entire room salmon. “Dammit” She said under her breath. The guy was there too. They must’ve gotten kidnapped by a higher-level murderer.

“Who the fuck sees Saw and says ‘oh yeah that’s a great idea.’” He said getting up from the padded floor.

“Didn’t even have the curtesy to leave the damn biscuits,” she said shaking her head. She tried the door, which was in fact not locked.  Great. She thought, cocking her head to the exit trying to motion the guy to follow her. The hallway forked into two paths. They silently agreed to split up to find an exit. Now why would I agree to split up, that’s how you die. The corridor she followed was basically predetermined. There were no forks in the path and no windows, so she just followed the walls. She finally came to a dead end. Luckily there was the neon green glow of an exit sign hovering above her. Again, the door was unlocked, so she just pushed it open. Part of her felt bad for leaving the guy, but it wasn’t enough for her to not open the door. She expected a gust of wind to graze her face, but there was nothing, just the same stale air that was throughout the building and an outstanding bright light. When she stepped over the threshold the floor felt familiar. Then when her vision steadied she was greeted by the same damn salmon room.

The door had already closed behind her. She immediately opened it again heading the opposite direction. As she walked the halls, she saw nothing that she recognized. Everything was different, from the paint on the walls to the lighting. This doesn’t make sense she thought as she mentally drew a blueprint of the building. If there were diverging paths and the one I took was a loop, how does this exist?... Oh right ‘cause I’m in a freaking death trap, obviously, who uses red bulbs to light a hall? Murderers that’s who. As she continued down the corridor the lights started to flicker, and the walls began to look rotten. She blinked in disbelief as she stared down into an endless unlit hallway. Nope. She went back the way she came. When she approached the familiar fork in the path there was no door at the intersection. She figured she just hadn’t walked far enough. Again, she came to a dead end with the haze of a neon green exit sign over head. She stepped through the door into the god-awful salmon room. She hadn’t seen the man yet. Maybe he did die. As soon as the door closed behind her it swung open again.  

“Oh, thank god! I’ve been walking for hours.” A male voice said lunging toward her to give her a hug.

She rolled her eyes, he must’ve been exaggerating, it only took her a few minutes to circle the building. He held on to her tight.  She wasn’t used to tender human interaction, that wasn’t from her mom. “Your welcome.” She replied patting his back. Wrong choice of words, you’re not god dummy. She noticed a bulge in his back pocket. Ding ding. She pulled out his wallet, took a quick peak, and slipped it back. When he finally let go, keeping his hands on her shoulders, she took an obvious glance at his watch. 8:33 am. Wait is he telling the truth she thought, not once questioning the plausibility that she could have been asleep for a greater part of the five hours.

They both knew the building was a loop. “Let’s do a little experiment. Time me ok?” She asked opening the door. She headed the same direction as she initially took, encountering the same exit sign and being dumped into the same awful salmon colored room. She counted all the while. 135 Mississippi’s from exit to entrance. She returned to find the guy curled up knees to chest rocking back and forth.

“Its. So. Quiet.” He repeated almost as a mantra. Not even acknowledging her return. She took a glance at his watch, as his arms were folded around his legs. 10:35 am. This doesn’t make any sense… Unless he’s the higher-level murderer’s apprentice. That was the only explanation.

He kept repeating “Its. So. Quiet.” It was making her irritated. On top of her irrational loathing of the salmon walls. At this point it wasn’t the color it was the mere presence of the physical walls that were slowly driving her crazy. “Hey, you want to make it loud in here?” She finally said.

The guy stopped chanting. He looked up at her with tears in his eyes. That wasn’t out of the ordinary for her. If she was trapped in deafening silence for what seemed like two hours she’d be crying too. “Hey Cole, you’re ok.” She said patting him awkwardly on the shoulder.

He smiled. “You do remember me.”

“Yuhuh… Uh I was out for about two minutes, how long was it for you?”


“We stick together then.” She patted his shoulder again. They paced back and forth throwing ideas out into the open hoping something would stick and culminate a plan to get out of this hell hole. But nothing did. And with each step it felt like the walls were closing in on her. The room was getting smaller, like a trash compacter. But she couldn’t find any physical evidence of the walls moving. It was like with every blink the wall would creep closer, with no scuffing or noise. It had felt like hours had gone by when she stopped walking right in front of Cole.

She looked passed him into the depths of the god forsaken salmon walls. She started grinding her teeth, she couldn’t look away and she hated how it made her feel, how it made her think things she knew were wrong. You could do it. It would be so easy. Then you’d have plenty of food until you find your way out. Sacrifices to whatever lies beyond. It would be so easy. It would be so easy. You’d be protecting yourself. He could be playing you this entire time, just waiting for the moment to strike. It would be too easy. It would be too easy. Repeated over and over in her head, trying to convince her to do it. She started to make a fist. One punch to incapacitate, swift motion to the neck, easy break. “It would be so easy.” She repeated out loud. She threw her punch then the deathly crack that followed finally let her feel at ease.












She was finally free. She could stay here as long as she needed. She started pealing at the awful salmon colored walls. The paint chipping off and peeling almost like tape. Tears dripping down her face, the pain was unbearable. She couldn’t believe she had done it, without whatever was going on with these damn walls she never would have done it. The walls stopped moving, she was no longer closed in. She was finally free.

“Hey” *snap* “Hey” *snap* “Hey” *snap* Your hand is bleeding, it’s probably broken. She felt a tap on her leg, then another tap. Not a tap but a drip. “Oh, hey look I’m bleeding.” She said aloud.

“Yeah, you are. Smart move but so aggressive.” Cole said while wrapping up her hand in a piece of his shirt. She didn’t notice his comment she just kept peeling at the paint. Hey bitch that’s you she pushed back from the wall when she saw herself in a mirror. She shook her head as if she was trying to get water out of her ears.

Cole immediately started to peel back most of the paint to reveal a mirror that probably covered the entirety of the back wall.

They both stared at the mirror. “Where the hell are we?” Cole said. The longer they stared at the mirror the more the reflection of the door started to creek open. They were both afraid that if they turned around the door would just close. So, they waited. The reflection of the door opened just wide enough for something to slither through. As they watched, a creature with no face and high boney hips started to creep its way around the door. That was all they saw until both turned around to face whatever was coming for them, only to find the real door closed.

“Look in the mirror, I got the door.” She instructed Cole. They stood back to back for a moment. Nothing happen.

Cole went to the next wall scratching at the paint, she could hear him. She went to help him. Maybe the whole room was one large mirror. They had gotten a small part exposed, it was another mirror. They hi-fived.

“Pre-emptive hi-five.” She said twirling around to face the mirror on the back wall. The creature was fully exposed now. Arms hanging down to its ankles, if you could call them that. Face twisted, reminiscent of a leech, high pointed hip bones that made the creature look emaciated, but it probably ate well. She continued to stare at the mirror as the creature slowly approached the back wall. It outstretched its arm, revealing its claws so it could impale its next victim. She twirled around to face the door and the creature was gone.

Cole stepped back, revealing a reflection of the last salmon colored wall. He stood there, entranced. She shook his shoulder without breaking eye contact with the closed door. “Hey, you’re ok. We can get out of here.”  She dragged him to her spot and focused him on the door. Once he snapped out of whatever he was in. She went at removing the paint from the last wall.

As she peeled, she took glances at the parallel wall. Something broke through the reflection of the paint as if it was paper. Pushing a talon through the wall. She picked off a piece of mirror that was broken off of the back wall, being careful not to look at the mirror. She stabbed the last wall slicing diagonal to remove as much paint as she could. She peeled back the salmon color as through she was revealing a new painting. It wasn’t another mirror, but a window, a window that looked out to the street of the drive thru. She touched the window only to be reminded of the other mirror.

When she whipped back around the talon was gone. There was only the reflection of the drive thru street. But something was off. There was movement in the background. “What is that?” Cole asked taking his eyes away from the real door. She glanced at the back mirror, the creature was already through the door, claws out, arm lengthening toward Cole.

She couldn’t remember what logic she used, or how she convinced herself that it would work, she just acted on it. She pushed Cole into the second mirror and dove in after him, just as the creature swooped down for the kill. They were both on the cold street now as the mirror behind them shattered. The motion lights around the drive thru came on casting a shadow on what was lurking in the background.

“Nope.” They said in unison, running into the pop-eyes.

“Hey George, the new shipment is in.” A giant chicken behind the cashier counter said, as if this was a normal thing.

What the fuck. George, another giant chicken walked out of the back room, apron covered in blood, butcher knife in hand. “Gary needs to do better at his job, they look like they’re alive. I just cut ‘em I don’t like killin’ em’” what the actual FUCK

“He’s still in, just call him.” The cashier chicken said. “Oh there he is.”

She looked back to see the creature from the door staring back at her. She felt a push to her back. I knew those parkour classes weren’t a waste of money. She expertly jumped over tables making sure Cole was following her every move.

They lunged for the back door, just as they saw the claws reach out toward them in the reflection of the store window. They fell through the door landing on slick pavement again.



“Hey are you ok? You might want to get your hand checked out.” A female voice said as she stood over the two laying on the street. She groaned as she got up. Once she was sitting upright she flicked Cole’s ear waking him up. He inhaled deeply as if he hadn’t been breathing for this entire adventure. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She replied to the woman, assuring her she had everything under control. Satisfied that everything would be handled the woman walked off into the pop-eyes.

Still on the ground they looked at each other in shock. “So, Burger King?” Cole asked

“Yeah, no doubt.” She replied.




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