The Spider That Stole My Soap

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The story of Webslinger, the spider that stole my soap.

Submitted: May 19, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018



One day I saw them in the shower
During summer, near autumn
I was horrified by them
So I got a spray for spiders
I sprayed it, and when I was done
I noticed a lone spider, standing alone
You and I aren’t so different
Cast out, I’m only bigger
I think I’ll call you Webslinger

I felt bad for the little spider
And decided to let its life go on
Nothing bad can come of it
It’s just a lonely spider
Sitting in the corner to mope
What could Webslinger ever do
But stand there and hope
To one day become 
The spider that stole my soap

Time went by, as autumn turned to winter
And right there in my shower
The righteous Webslinger
It had laid eggs
And a web housing made
It got a lot bigger
With the life that I gave

Winter turned to spring
As spring turned to summer
And as the weather got warmer
Spiders started hatching in my shower
Toward my soap they had already gone
Marched together, and got there alone
They stood there, as a victory flag
Which was as brave as those spiders were bold
And that day I decided for better or worse
To write the story of Webslinger
The spider that stole my soap

© Copyright 2018 Eddie deMoura. All rights reserved.

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