Ex-Best friend - By a string

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We were best friends, little did I realize what held us together, was a string

Ex-Best friend

Only by a string


We were together,

It took me a while to realise,

that forever,

in 'BFF'

was an overstatement.

And that what held us together,

was a string,

binding our wrists

in a fake friendship.

We were blind to it .

I didn't make a big a fuss about it,

I know you probably thought I would. 

but without you, I don't miss

your presence

your smile

your laughter,

which was always aimed at me,

I don't miss you,

I thought I missed you always being there for me

but you weren't

I was your support

Your shoulder

I was my own hero

My own gaurdian

I was prepared to back you in anything

But you wouldn't do the same

That string, binding

Our friendship 

I cut it

I tore it

I  divided the lie 

we were living

The string was holding me down

The string was holding me back

Pulling me down the hole 

I thought you were pulling me out of.

 You weren't

You never were

No one was

I had others, but they don't matter

This is about you

I don't hate you

Dispise you 


I thank you

For setting me free 

Giving me my wings

Teaching me that 

I can't trust 



That I can't hope

that I will ever get you back 

Even if I did the string is broken

I refuse to repair it

You were my best friend

But know you are simply a shadow

A stranger

And I like that 

I like not having to be wary if you were

going to laugh at me

Point at me 

Hurt me emotionally

I know I never showed it

But I was hurting

I have learnt

Many things

Thank you 

For never being my 'best friend'







Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Excellently put. Being made to feel a joke is not the point of friendship, and when it happens it makes trusting such a hard thing to do again. Some great imagery with the string!

Sun, May 20th, 2018 5:45pm


Thank you, I got the idea of a string from an image, and I gather some inspiration from 'Dear ex best friend' But it is original ^-^


Sun, May 20th, 2018 12:28pm

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