Life's A Brilliant Mixture Of It All

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Is life solely about benevolently donating each passionately eclectic instant of yours; to every tangible and intangibly hapless fragment of deteriorating living kind?

Is life solely about fervently loving someone so much; that brand new definitions of love were immortally embedded once again in every perceivably suspended ingredient—of the invincible atmosphere?

Is life solely about fantasizing beyond the realms of the ordinary; plunging deeper and deeper each zipping second; into an unfathomable gorge of inscrutably uncanny excitement?

Is life solely about inexhaustibly admiring every single of the Omniscient Lord's infinite creations; transforming into the truest poet at the tiniest insinuation of blossoming nature divine?

Is life solely about befriending everyone around you irrespective of caste; creed; religion or tribe; and irrespective of whether it was the worst of your enemy pugnaciously staring down the whites of your eyes?

Is life solely about titillating the obscurest bud of taste in your tongue; with the most inimitable cuisines directly from the lap of mother nature; for a countless hours in a day?

Is life solely about indefatigably sermonizing the ideals of symbiotically peaceful existence; which you'd yourself imbibed in each ingredient of your blood; as you'd unflinchingly traversed through every of its lane?

Is life solely about burying your face unimaginably deep into the bosom of your sacred mother; and then feeling the most unconquerable man alive—in the cold-blooded face of even the ghastliest of death?

Is life solely about living out even the most bizarre of your whims and eccentricities to the fullest; walking on your self created cloud nine all the time; as long as it didn't the tiniest hurt any living kind?

Is life solely about triumphantly breathing in the spirit of unassailable humanity; and unsparingly beheading even the most obfuscated trace of the devil; to amorphously feckless chowder?

Is life solely about incessantly singing hymns of beauty; perpetuating even the most robotically dilapidated cranny of the atmosphere; with the freshness of miraculously blessing creation?
Is life solely about sizzling each unfurling second in the flames of adventure; precariously teetering on the edge of space; yet feeling the adrenalin rush towards the ultimate summits of paradise?

Is life solely about earnestly saluting each act of altruistic kindness; falling in due obeisance only in the feet of immortal love; as it spread like a magicians wand in each poignant heartbeat alike?

Is life solely about looking forward to the optimistic rays of tomorrow; untiringly rising everytime you hopelessly flounder into nothingness and fall; to become the eternal scent of a new dawn?

Is life solely about timelessly finding your very own inimitably priceless identity amidst a pack of satanically pouncing wolves; challenging the tyrannical norms of destiny to chart the pathway of your own dreams?

Is life solely about irrefutably saying no to even the most diminutive insinuation of dreaded lies; torching the mortuaries of lackadaisicalness forever with the Omnipresent flame of truth?

Is life solely about developing relationships more insuperably thicker than those of the 'blood'; where the tide of humanitarian compassion and friendship beautifully transcended over one and all?

Is life solely about reliving those impeccably golden moments of the exuberant past; transiting back into those fresh cries of birth—where the whole world for once became—a cradle of magnificent togetherness?

No. It never was 'solely'; but life's an emphatically brilliant
mixture of it all.

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