Like Nobody Else

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



I admired your immaculate eyes every unleashing minute; for drowning me in the glory of their stupendously emphatic moisture,

I caressed your voluptuous coat of black hair for times immemorial; feeling their softness tingle me till the last bone down my spine,

I entwined my palms with your heavenly fingers; bonding my impoverished soul with yours for centuries unfathomable,

I passionately kissed your seductively rosy lips; absorbing their sweetness with relentless ardor and charm,

I floated handsomely in your tantalizing dreams; philandering audaciously on cloud nine with your countenance resting on my shoulders,

I ardently smelt the fiery breath that descended like a volcano from your nostrils; feeling that unprecedented enthusiasm swelling prolifically in your pulse,

I profoundly engrossed myself into the cadence of your mesmerizing voice; blending completely with the mystical enigma that enveloped your every stride,

I ran like an untamed panther behind your enchanting shadow; intricately following
its contours till I collapsed on the hard ground in a drearily bedraggled heap,

I lay on your stomach for marathon hours of the day and for every instant of the tumultuously stormy night; my head rising and falling with each breath of yours which was now wholesomely mine,

I stood like an invincible fortress by your side; trying my Herculean best to wade off the most minuscule of evil hovering by your divinely side,

I wrote your name with my blood infinite times in a single day; making it an immortal epitome for every lover transgressing fanatically on the trajectory of this planet,

I voraciously rubbed your fabulously silken skin in freezing whirlwinds of snow; imparting your majestic visage with incomprehensible loads of compassionate

I stared like a child into the contours of your vivacious face; exploring something new and incredulously rejuvenating; as you winked innocuously under the milky moonlight,

I worshipped your celestial feet every dawn; as the first beam of sunlight timidly filtered through my gloomily obfuscated window,

I tickled you uncontrollably in your ribs; supremely relishing the astoundingly tinkling charisma in your tangy laughter,

I patiently waited for your footsteps to arrive; completely lost in a gorgeously romantic fantasy; moving my head nimbly towards the handsomely setting amber sun,

I confided to you even the most weirdest perceptions of my mind; sharing with you each embarrassing moment of my life,

I sketched enamoring shapes of your oligarchic persona with articulate strokes of my paint brush; imprisoning your unparalleled beauty on the blank canvas of my body,

And I loved your heart LIKE NOBODY ELSE could ever dare to do; not only in this birth; but for fathomless more births to unfold and evolve into new life.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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