Like The Sacrosanct Heavens

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Like a romantically drifting cloud; indefatigably playing hide and seek with the swelteringly simmering Sun,
Was her magnificently mischievous and stupendously wandering wink; as she flirted with me in the aisles of untamed desire; behind the majestically moonlit hills.

Like a voluptuously silken angel; descending magically from the island of bountifully wonderful paradise,
Was her royally magnificent and ecstatically euphoric stride; as she swished like an ebulliently embellished fairy towards my; mortifyingly impoverished countenance.

Like a melodiously chirping sparrow; boisterously deluging the sullen atmosphere with the sounds of; profusely rhapsodic happiness,
Was her sparklingly scintillating and delectable footsteps; as she poignantly galloped with profound empathy in her soul; towards my diminutively impoverished countenance.

Like an innocuous freshly spawned infant; enshrouding every dilapidated cranny of this colossal Universe; with its insatiably jubilant wails,
Was her marvelously seductive and ravishingly enthralling smile; as she unfurled the silken cocoon of her lips; uninhibitedly showering her charisma upon my pathetically beleaguered demeanor.

Like an eternally fragrant rose; tantalizingly diffusing its astoundingly ingratiating redolence; to even the most fathomless quarters of this boundless planet,
Was her graciously celestial and timelessly priceless sleep; as she unrelentingly fantasized about the mystical aspects of endowing creation and me; in every
of her gloriously fantastic dreams.

Like a hive of splendidly golden honey; incessantly oozing the Omnisciently miraculous sweetness of blissful creation,
Was her resplendently twinkling and beautiful finger; as she vehemently entwined her palms; for times immemorial and unassailably with mine.

Like torrential cloudbursts of rain pelting enigmatically; from the overwhelmingly handsome carpet of fathomless sky,
Were her spectacularly panoramic and piquantly rubicund cheeks; as she fantastically blushed in the corridors of uncontrollable yearning; ethereally sighting the contours of my; shimmeringly obfuscated shadow.

Like a compassionate fireball of belonging; astronomically augmenting in proportion as each second thunderously zipped by,
Was her unfathomably grandiloquent and impeccably harmonious kiss; as she profusely pecked every iota of my; nervously fluttering cheeks .

Like an impregnable fortress of unflinching solidarity; towering tall and aristocratic even against the most ungainly acrimonious of storms,
Was her incredulously bestowing and benevolently gratifying embrace; as she intractably clung to my violently throbbing demeanor; more perpetually than a
Mother clinging to her new born child.

And like the irrefutably sacrosanct entrenchment of Heaven; radiating for countless more births yet to unveil; with the Omnipotent aura of Almighty Lord,
Was her immortally wonderful and gloriously enamoring love; as she perennially bonded every beat of her heart; every philanthropism of her conscience with me;
and to be forever mine; mine and only mine.

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