Limitlessly Magical Spice

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



In every sensuously enamoring woman that I philandered with; timelessly flirting and cavorting behind the freshly rain soaked hills of paradise,

In every beautifully intrepid lane that I traversed through; leading every uncontrollably exultating pore of my body; into an unceasing gorge of interminably
burgeoning adventure,

In every salubriously scintillating meal that I rapaciously devoured; to celestially mollify the haplessly disgruntling pangs of hunger; shooting like thunderbolts of lightening in my emaciated intestines,

In every jubilantly effulgent droplet of dew that I held in my outstretched palms; profoundly reinvigorating each of my haplessly impoverished senses; with the profuse bewilderment of bewitching mother nature,

In every conceivable open patch of sky that I sighted with my naked eye; as the Sun unrelentingly sizzled a handsomely inimitable golden,

In every sip of bounteously crystalline water that I poignantly sipped; letting the quintessential liquid uninhibitedly soothe every treacherously mangled chord
of my discordant throat,

In every living being that I wholeheartedly embraced in my walk towards eternally fructifying success; by the grace of the Omnipotent Almighty Lord,

In every tangible and intangibly rhapsodic tune that drifted into my obliviously trembling eardrums; alleviating me of all my misery and inexplicably asphyxiating pain,

In every blade of grass that I endlessly frolicked with; unabashedly tossing and turning; under the mischievously twinkling carpet of pristine stars,

In every triumphantly ecstatic mirror that I sighted my reflection; candidly unraveling each bit of goodness and inevitable badness in my life; like the cry of an impeccably newborn child,

In every robustly fascinating fruit that I plucked from the gargantuan tree; whose unbelievably ubiquitous juice I relished; till times beyond infinite infinity,

In every frostily undulating sea that I indefatigably swam; of course inevitably and in the end; miserably floundering to kiss the boundless opposite end; with my
singular hands and feet,
In every barren sheet of innocuous paper that I inundated with my writings; not preferring the slightest to leave even a singleton speck of open space; between the lines I perpetually embossed,

In every bit of rustically chocolate brown soil that I ploughed; to sow the seeds of fantastically divine virility; and upon which I made my royal bed every iridescently beaming night,

In every piece of quintessentially Spartan cloth that clung to the contours of my nimble body; unflinchingly sequestering me all night and day; from the acrimoniously intolerable heat; inconsolably unbearable cold; storm and rain,

In every aristocratically painted brick that I used in the foundation of my compassionately comforting dwelling; that bore my weight fearlessly; against the
mightiest of mayhem and vindictive maelstrom,

In every spell-bindingly pungent fantasy that my ignited brain perceived; which was infact my sole and the most ardent source of blissfully leading each destined moment of my priceless life,

In every heartily exuberant slap of wind that embraced me uncalled; tirelessly engendering me to romanticize in a land more bountifully replete than; victoriously
blossoming paradise,

In every passionately fiery kiss that I indulged into; making me feel the most extraordinarily virile and unassailable organism; on the trajectory of this fathomlessly resurgent Universe,

If not anything; and I really really don't care even an ethereal trifle; but I definitely; and at even a cost greater than every of my perennially rejuvenating breath; wanted spice; spice and limitlessly  magical spice.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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