Live Life Truly Kingsize

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Dream as big as you can; but huddled in a sordidly devastated corner; will get you astoundingly closer forever; to the cowardly doorsteps of penalizing hell,
While it is only those who take the blazingly blistering Sun directly on their patriotic eyeballs; who eventually metamorphose every benign  fantasy of theirs; into an eternal reality.

Talk as valiant as you can; but shriveled manipulatively beside the despicably dolorous graves; will get you for sure to sulk forever; in the shadow of the preposterously diabolical devil,
While it is only those who uninhibitedly shed every iota of their persevering sweat under the sweltering afternoon;  who eventually escalate to the ladder of philanthropically glittering success.

Dare as Herculean as you can; but pathetically camouflaged in the maliciously surreptitious belly of the horrifically stagnating dungeons; will find you forever a companionship of the miserably gory skeletons,
While it is only those who fearlessly tread on every path of exhilaratingly intrepid existence; unflinchingly embracing even the most invidious of impediment that confronted them in their benevolent way; who eventually succeed in disseminating the spirit of blissful brotherhood; to the most fathomless corners of this Universe.

Run as thunderous as you can; but indefatigably curled from all ends in disgustingly stale sponge; will land you forever in the despondently dwindling corridors of treacherous sleep,
While it is only those exuberantly gallop forward with the same gusto in their share of bizarre pain and happiness alike; who eventually and irrefutably transform all crippling disease into celestial paradise.

Sing as melodiously as you can; but incarcerated within walls of savagely asphyxiating depression; propels you inevitably to have breakfast with perpetually deadened tones,
While it is only those who harmoniously share the inner most recesses of their unequivocally truthful soul with all sparkling goodness in the atmosphere; who eventually transcend past the dormitories of; the eternally gratifying and resplendent heavens.

Pledge as vehemently as you can; but shrinking to an infinitesimally disappearing minnow; in the lap of the incorrigibly closed and retreating fist; will forever ensure that you remain disastrously famished for times immemorial,
While it is only those who kiss ghastly death in its face to unrelentingly surge ahead in righteously scintillating life; who eventually become the perennial martyrs of  mankind.

Smile as wide as you can; but after the heart of sinister midnight and that too relishing behind the acrimoniously salacious cactus; will forever make you
rot in gutters of forlorn loneliness,
While it is only those who altruistically relinquish every speck of their own jubilation to enlighten a ray of unconquerable hope in disparagingly despairing lives; who eventually cherish the most impregnable blessings of the Omnipotent divine.

Breathe as deep as you can; but buckets of murderously blood stained desperation; will gorily curse upon you forever and countless more births to come; a survival
more acrid than cloudbursts of hell,
While it is only those who synergistically inhale and exhale the essence of unassailable honesty; who eventually and immortally continue to exist as the priceless leaders of humanity.

And love as unfathomable as you can; but brutally imprisoning your beats in the rat race of stinkingly beleaguered commercialism; will convert you into a lecherous ghost even in the most robustly pristine of your youth,
While it is only those who wholeheartedly open and unite their hearts with unconquerable love; who eventually pioneer the grandiloquent religion of togetherness; who eventually are able to live life truly kingsize.

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